Chapter 33

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Author's Note: Here is the final chapter! I hope you enjoy it :)


Wednesday 5th of September

Santana awoke to a phone call that morning. She reached over - with her eyes closed - and answered the phone, she held it up to her ear and was greeted with her favourite voice.

"Good morning!" Brittany sang with energy.

"B, I already told you, school starts tomorrow. Today is still summer which means we should be sleeping right now." Santana said with tiredness evident in her voice.

"No I know it's not school today. I was calling to wish you a happy one year anniversary." Brittany explained.

Santana's body went into a full panic mode. Her eyes shot open and she sat up straight in bed. She looked at her calendar and became confused.

"Umm Britt I thought our anniversary was the 19th." Santana explained.

"It is but today is exactly one year since we met. Now get ready because I'm coming over in a minute." Brittany said before hanging up the phone.

Santana dragged herself out of bed and into the shower. She then changed into jeans and a baggy t shirt. She went downstairs and ate a bowl of cereal.

"Goodbye Mija, see you later." Maribel said as she placed a kiss on the top of Santana's head and left for work.

"Bye sweetheart." Raphael copied on his way out the door.

Santana finished her cereal and waited for Brittany to come over.


"Hey B" Santana greeted as she opened the door to her favourite person. Brittany just smiled in response and kissed her.

"So I've made a little something for you. Well I guess it's for both us. Let me just show you." Brittany said as she took a seat on the couch. Santana followed her and sat next to her.

Brittany pulled out a scrapbook. It was brown and decorated with rainbows, hearts and flowers. Written on the top in silver cursive was 'Brittany and Santana'.

"What's this?" Santana asked.

"Well it's a scrapbook of us. It contains all the big moments in our relationship and life together." Brittany explained. Santana was already grinning her wide cheek-bunching smile that was reserved for Brittany only.

Brittany opened the book and turned the title page to reveal the first moment. It read:

'First meeting - September 5th'

Below the writing was a picture of the two girls talking in the hallway of the Pierce house.

"Wow B this is amazing. Who took that picture?" Santana asked.

"Your dad did. I asked your parents for help with this scrapbook so I could get pictures for as many moments as possible." Brittany answered.

She turned the next page to find a selfie of the two of them pulling goofy faces on the couch. The page was titled 'first kiss'.

"I remember taking that picture. It was for Quinn. She was out with puck and we were showing her all the fun she was missing." Santana remembered.

"Yep. Thank god puck took her out. If she had come over that day goodness knows where we would be now." Brittany pondered.

The next page was titled 'first date' and had a photo of the two of them all dressed up. Brittany was in her blue dress and Santana in her black one. They both looked nervous but excited.

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