chapter 12

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Your kiss came as a surprise, something remarkable, something sensational. You unlocked my sealed lips... and I would allow you to do it again!


edicated to unknownwearwolf,jiiiiiiiiiiimah.

Waking up to ....not the sound of birds,bla bla bla....heck no, but very cold ice water splashed all over me , making me to jump with a start.

"What is wrong with you!"I snapped, throwing daggers at whomever just ruined my beauty sleep.

"Do you think this is a lodging place where you get to sleep all you want,my dear,I do no charity,,,wake the fuck up and watch how you speak to me next time."the way he called me dear,if it were not for the tone in his voice,it could have melted my heart but today I'm seething in anger,but all I have to do is keep it inside.

"Yes sir,as you say."I murmured while waking up from the once a comfortable zone.

"Good,now I want this place as spic as span,wash it as clean as possible and you mrs should make it done in 30 minutes and yes before I forget I need the damn coffee in my office right away."he sneered as he went out of my room.

When he shut the door, I found myself screaming and cursing.

"That ignorant son of a....."I need this place spic and span."I mimicked him as I tied my hair in a ponytail."You want it spic and span,come do it yourself!"I scoffed, believe me,I won't have said that if he were around,hehe.


That expression on that little face of  hers when I threw cold water on her was priceless.So cute!

What I'm I saying?I will make her life miserable as long as she works under me.I am going to destroy each and every bit of her happiness.

She pretends to be all innocent so as to get into me but all she is is a viper,just like all I have met.Gold diggers and vipers and wolfs in sheep  clothing.

I can't tolerate loving her, I don't want this feelings that I want to develop.I have killed alot,all those women who took advantage of my stupid love for them.I destroyed them all... even the one I cherished the most.......


I prepared black coffee with little coffee and walked towards his room .I knocked at the hard mahogany door but only to be met by a silence.No come in nor no leave.I slowly opened the door and entered to find his back facing me while he enjoyed the view of New York City, I never thought his office to be this bea-

"Did I tell you to come in?!"he shouted making me jump,the coffee almost, just almost slipping from my hands.

"But ..I thought.."

"You think nothing,this is my house,my rules and the last time I checked ,you work under me and not the other way fucking wait for my permission to do something.Do you get me!?"I was too shocked to even respond with words that I only nodded my head in agreement but my mind and heart telling me otherwise.

"Answer me with fucking words are you dumb or stupid."

Stupid you, arrogant dumb silly man.Those were the words going on my mind.I wanted to break down and cry but I will never show him this part of me.My weak side.I will work hard and leave this place once I earn.

"Yes sir.. your coffee and if you permit me,I have to go do the cleaning."I placed the coffee on the table while he looked me in amusement.You thought I could break down and cry?Take that ignorant ass.

"Yes..I want the whole ,I mean whole house clean and before I forget , your time is ticking,you have 15 minutes to make this place clean."he said nonchalantly, resting his back on the chair.

How does this man expect me to clean this whole house in just 15 minutes?I'm I really going to get out of this alive??

"Right away sir."I said while I ran out towards my work place.

15 minutes later

I am tired, hungry and very exhausted.I am soaking wet from all the cleaning and sweat is dripping from my forehead.

"Ooh you are done?"his majesty walked down the stairs and looked at me and the surrounding in astonishment, while I smirked in return.Whose boss now?

"As you can see....sir."I pronounced the word sir in a mocking manner making him pinch the bridge of his nose in annoyance.

"Don't ever act smart with me young girl and I am going off to work, I need dinner prepared once I'm back."

"I thought you don't eat dinner... especially one prepared by me."I said out loud while he wasted no moment in grabbing me by my hair and slamming me onto the wall.

"You do what I say and I did not give you any room for questioning.Get.That.In.Your.fixed skull."I didn't know the time a tear drop slipped from my eye and he moved back.His face showed something and it disappeared as fast as I saw it.

In no time he was out of the house and I was left there to cry my heart out...

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