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Jungkook continued to pace around the palace in a hurry, feeling a growing sense of anticipation as he attempted to find Taehyung. He'd already checked the kitchen, expecting to see a sobbing Taehyung with Seokjin and Jimin, although he was only met with the confused face of the chef, who hadn't had the faintest idea of what happened with the younger boy.

Yet, the raven-haired realised there was only one more place he hadn't checked: the gardens. He remembered how that was where Taehyung fled the first time the King struck his face, hence why Jungkook found himself running off in the direction of the courtyard in a mad hurry, wanting nothing more than to beg for the boy's forgiveness.

Finally finding himself near the corridor leading towards the gardens, Jungkook got a familiar glimpse of the sight of the blue-haired boy in the arms of someone else. This caused him to quicken his pace as he finally came into full view, gaining the immediate attention of Taehyung, who stared up at him with widened eyes, as well as Hoseok who glanced back at him, evidently confused.

"Jungkook? What are you doing here?" Hoseok asked with his brows raised. He kept his arm securely around Taehyung, who remained silent whilst pressing his lips into a taut line.

"May I ask you the same question?" the younger retorted back, suddenly experiencing a wave of pure.. jealousy. The feeling was foreign to him, since he'd never conversed with someone whom he cared that much for, however one thing was for certain; he strongly disliked the way his jealousy felt. In fact, in that specific moment he wanted nothing more than to pull Taehyung away from Hoseok and replace the Prince's arm with his own.

"Taehyung was upset," Hoseok fired back, disliking the way Jungkook practically radiated off a demeanour of anger. "And since I've known him for years on end, I reckoned it would seem fit to comfort him."

Jungkook set his jaw, clenching his teeth together. Internally, he ordered himself to control the deep anger beginning to resurface once again, before he took a deep breath, this time turning his attention towards Taehyung.

"Can we talk?" he asked gently, adopting a soft tone. "Please, Taehyung. Hear me out for two minutes, and that's all."

The boy remained silent for a few moments, taking in Jungkook's appearance. The Prince had every ounce of remorse written all over his face, which is why Taehyung found himself nodding almost immediately, despite the fact the male had previously slapped him.

He couldn't seem to say no.

"You should leave then," Jungkook chimed in, glaring at Hoseok. "Go on. Run along," he said in a smug tone, feeling a sense of pride settling into the pit of his stomach as he witnessed the orange-haired boy preparing to depart.

"I'll come and see you later, Tae," he mumbled over to the servant, giving him a warm smile, before Hoseok ran his fingers through the boy's hair, earning a look of sheer fury from Jungkook.

The Northern Prince wasn't oblivious to the sight in front of him, as Jungkook made absolutely no attempt at hiding how he wanted Hoseok to be anywhere but near Taehyung. So instead, he sent the servant one last look before walking away from the pair.

Meanwhile, once the two were left in silence, Jungkook took a step towards Taehyung, his gaze lingering towards the boy's cheek which was etched with purple constellations.

"Taehyung," he breathed out, feeling intense guilt filling his entire body. "I'm so sorry."

The blue-haired boy only shook his head, staring up at Jungkook with a neutral expression, before he broke out into an understanding smile, repeating the Prince's actions as he also took a step towards the taller man.

The two were only inches apart. Jungkook could feel Taehyung's warm breath fanning against his face as he brought his hand up towards the boy's face, noticing how Taehyung visibly flinched away from him.

This action caused him to feel a pang in his chest as he let out a short breath, brushing his fingers lightly against the boy's cheek. "I won't hurt you," he promised, his eyes widened with sincerity. "I really won't, Taehyung."

And as Taehyung nodded in response, Jungkook couldn't help but submit to his inner thoughts screaming at him to do it. In that moment, the silence settling around the two of them only brought Jungkook towards the servant boy, as he took yet another step towards him, tilting his chin up with his thumb.

"Jungkook? What are you-" Taehyung began, before he was immediately cut off with the feeling of the Prince's chapped lips against his own, as Jungkook pressed his mouth against the blue-haired boy's, his eyes fluttering shut in the process.

Taehyung simply stood still, feeling far too shocked to do anything. However, after Jungkook made no signs of pulling back, the boy moulded his lips into the Prince's, wrapping his arms around his neck.

The younger ran his tongue along Taehyung's bottom lip, silently asking him for permission to which Taehyung immediately complied to, parting his lips a second later. The Prince wasted no time in slipping his tongue into the elder's mouth, exploring every inch of his wet cavern.

The kiss felt so right, that Jungkook didn't want to stop. The feeling of Taehyung's lips against his own brought him to feel a rush of adrenaline, as he wanted to do nothing more but to be around the boy all day long. Therefore, once Jungkook finally pulled away, he looked down at Taehyung, running his index finger along his lips once again.

He felt complete.

"Do you forgive me, Taehyung?" he asked moments later with a tone of pure gentleness.

"Of course I do."

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