Chapter 22(Ark 3, The Magical Diamond)

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The couple narrowly manages not to be seen by the angry Khan of the jungle, but he still looks pretty angered for some reason.

He looks around the area while looking for something or someone. 

Ethan: who is he after now?

Lyra: shh! He might hear us!

She looks back towards the Khan, he unsheats his long sword and cuts down a plant in anger. 

Seeing the man go so far just to get his anger out doesn't sit right with either of the two.

Ethan: Hugh has not gotten his anger issues under control i see.

The row boat is a good distance from the shore, allowing them to raise their voices without a fear of the Khan hearing them.

Lyra: not at all, but what is this business with the name? Maga Khan? 

Ethan: how should i know? he refuses to say anything related to why he is named that.

Ethan slowly drags the oars closer to the inside of the boat, he looks at the large man. He looks nothing like Hugh once did.

His body is larger, so is his muscles, he seems taller as well even though that might be because he is wearing taller boots. 

Lyra: Do you think he is the one Nate is supposed to fight? 

Ethan places his hand on his chin while looking at the shore.

Ethan: i'm not sure, it could literally be anyone. But it is only Hugh it makes sense for him to fight. We have angered many crowns by raiding their trade ships. But no one would go as far as Hugh would to get revenge. Nate is after all his greatest rival in life. 

Lyra looks at her boyfriend, his thoughtful look gives her only more to think about.

Ethan: If they do have to fight it out though, i'm not sure it will be only for their rivalry. 

Lyra: it must happen because of that diamond that Miriam told him about. It is supposed to be magical after all. 

Ethan grabs the oars and rows the two to a more safe coastal part. Then he leans against the wall.

Ethan: but is it true though? A diamond that is magical doesn't sound so real if you ask me.

Lyra turns her whole body to him.

Lyra: it doesn't sound real, but you saw The Golden Tiger, that was also just a myth at first until Nate got his hands on it.

Ethan shrugs his shoulders, he has never actually believed in fairy tales.

Ethan: yea i saw it. But that is The Tiger, it doesn't exactly project power, just worth. And as far as i know Nate, he won't be selling it.

Lyra climbs closer to him in the boat.

Lyra: but that's Nate Ethan. You know that when he has his eyes on such a thing, it will remain his forever. He became our captain because he was strongest and the most fit for it. 

Ethan places his hands behind his head while Lyra talks to him.

Ethan: i know, and of course i wanted him as our captain. After all those skills when being on The Black Wind, that isn't a typicall sailor we see.

Lyra: See? there isn't anything to doubt. Nate knows what he is doing, and if he has to fight against anyone he will win. 

Ethan's lips begin to crack a smile at her.

Ethan: you and your adorable courage. It's pure lovely.

His new flirty attitude causes Lyra to giggle at him.

Lyra: and your flirting is cute. 

All the while the two are flirting, they have forgotten about someone whom is very close to The Khan.

In Agny's house.

Ash has stuffed his stomach with food, He has also gotten an understanding off his new mission. To protect Alaavia from whoever tries to take her away. 

But he has gotten to see who is on the outside on the shore. 

Ash: This has to be Hugh, there is no temper like his. 

He turns to Alaavia who has hid in the closest bed. He rises his eyebrow at her.

Ash: Alaavia, why are you so afraid? 

He sees the covers begin to shake, it is clear she is afraid for her life. 

Alaavia: t.that is the bad man! H.he is going to take me!

Ash looks from Alaavia to the man outside, then to her. 

Then it clicks in his mind. He might not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but he isn't stupid either. 

Hugh or whatever he calls himself, is the bad man that is chasing her. But, if that is the case then she must be carrying something valluable.

Ash: Alaavia, can i ask you something?

Alaavia continues to shake under the covers but she nods. Ash comes closer to her and sits down close to her. 

Ash: are you carrying anything very valuable? 

Alaavia looks at him with total fear in her eyes.

Alaavia: y.yes i 

''But what is it? Could it be The Magical Diamond?'' he thinks.

Ash: can you tell me what it is? 

Alaavia continues to shake out of fear.

Alaavia: o.nly if you d.don't t.tell anyone e.else. 

Ash: i promise, none shall know it yet.

Alaavia: i'm c.carrying a d.diamond.

''Bullseye!'' he thinks.

Ash: ok, but is it here? you aren't carrying it now.

Alaavia hides under the covers again, but her shaking continues to go.

Alaavia: i l.left it outside! The bad is going to find it!

Ash's eyes widen, the diamond outside, very close to Hugh.

''If he gets his hand on that diamond, and if it is magical like Nate said, that will mean something really bad'' he thinks. 

Ash: where did you hide it? 

Alaavia: n.near some p.plants!

Ash rises up and looks out the window, Hugh or whatever Khan is close to some plants, he has cut down a good amount. But Ash can see something in between some rocks. It is lighting some green from itself. 

''I know this might become a suicide, but i can't let that guy get his hands on the diamond'' he thinks. 

Ash: Alaavia, don't worry. i will get the diamond back to you.

She slowly drags the covers from her eyes, looking at him with fear.

Alaavia: will?! 

Ash gives her a thumbs up.

Ash: always remember when you are struggling, never give up until the end.

Then he slowly sneaks outside, hell bent on taking the diamond from Hugh.

Wrapping up yet another chapter of The Life Of A Pirate. 

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