"Hang On Guys!"

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America: Why... Why. Why. Why. Why. Why. WHY?!

Italy: *clings to Germany* DONT LET ME GO DOITSU!

Germany: *blushes* Ich von't.

Japan: *takes a picture* SRSLY GUYS.

Germany: *german profanity*

Hungary: Aww zhat ist cute. As long as zhe giant scary hand doesn't let go of Japan, Zhen brüder German can save Italy!

Belgium: AWWW

Russia: *silently thinking about what would happen if he tripped Germany and let the hand take them away* *starts thinking about what would happen if the hand let them go*

Ireland: Hm.


Ireland: *slaps N. Ireland in the face*

England: *sips tea and rolls eyes* Can I just go now?

America: *shakes England by the shoulders* WHAT IF THE HAND TAKES THEM AWAY, BRO?!

France: hmm. Zhe hand should let them go. Let zhe lovers go. But it can take Japan.

Japan: HEY!

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