Chapter XII- Lean On Me

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"Layla, what the hell?" I hear Dean's deep voice say as he shakes me awake. I wake up slowly, rubbing my eyes. Then I realize where I am and whose woken me up. I turn over, pulling the covers up.

"Go away," I say, annoyed at how he woke me up. Also, at how he keeps following me. I'll admit it, it was dumb of me to leave without telling them, but I wanted this time to be alone. After all, it wasn't too far from where we had been.

"Why do you keep running from us?" He asks, pulling the blankets down. I grab for them, but they've been ripped from the bed. I throw an extra pillow over myself.

"I don't know." I say, shoving my hair out of my face. I was still turned away from him.

"You said yourself you wanted to work with us. That means we stay together." Sam says, and I turn because I hadn't known he was here.

"It's getting really annoying how you keep running from us. If you don't want to work as a team, then say so." Dean says, glaring at me.

"As if I have a choice! All you've done from the beginning is push me around!" I say, sitting up. Dean looks away, and so does Sam. They know I'm right, but for some reason don't want to acknowledge it. "Fine. If you boys want to keep on pretending that if I hadn't agreed to this, you'd of left me alone, then whatever. But I know that's not the case. Would someone tell me why you want to smother me so much?" I ask, looking specifically at Dean. He peaks up at me, but doesn't answer.

"It's because we care about you." Sam says, and my eyes wander over to him. I furrow my eyebrows.

"Why?" I ask, not completely familiar with the phrase. I always knew that my parents loved me, I just never heard it, making any signs of shown affection strange for me.

"Because we just do. Why do you need a reason?" Dean asks, staring me down again. I shake my head, sitting on my heels. I didn't want to tell them. I didn't want a pity party.

"Just forget it." I say, getting off the bed. I pull my hair up. "Where are we headed next?" I ask, and pull my hair back. The boys look at each other, confused. I was done with all of this fighting and tension. The boys have been in control, and now it was my turn. No more nice-girl. If they wanted a partner, they were going to get one.

A few hours later I'm following the boys to a town called Bethel Springs in Tennessee, where two men have been murdered within the same week. The towns fairly small, only about 700 people live there, so we decided to check it out.

We're not far now, only about 20 minutes from the hotel. I get a call on my cell from Sam.

"You want to stop for a late dinner?" He asks, and I think for a minute.

"You boys can go ahead. I'll stop after I check in." I say, and he mumbles something to Dean.

"We'll just go with you." He says and I sigh.

"Alright," is all I say before I hang up. I wasn't angry, just felt like I needed some space.

We make it to the motel, and check in with no problem.

"Do you guys just want to take one car?" Sam asks, and both Dean and I shrug. We all pile into the Impala, Sam offers to sit in the back so I take the front.

"Just go here, this'll be fine." I say, pointing at a bar. It's the only place we've seen that's open this late.

"You can't get in, you're not 21." Dean says.

"Bobby gave me a fake ID." I say and Dean looks over at me, surprised. I smile, looking away from his funny expression. He pulls into the crowded parking lot, getting a lucky spot at the front.

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