Untitled Part 9

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I was woken up by light stroking of my hair. "Wake up Jeyjey" , Benji whispered in my ear. His breath tickles in my neck. I pushed him away giggling: "Just five more minutes." "Fine."

The bed shifted and I felt Benji get up. I opened my eyes, just to shut them again. He must have opened the curtains. "great now its too bright to go back to sleep." "Aii", he sat down next to me and pinched my cheek, "is my baby still tried?"

I did my best pouting face and nodded. "Too bad we have to get up." We get interrupted by a knock on the door, which was pushed opend the very next second. Careful I shifted a bit away from Benji.

It was Javi. "Mum said I should check if you are awake." "We are, now get out." My brother being his annoying self didn't leave. Instead he entered the room and sat down on the bed with us. "What are you doing?"

Benji shrugs his shoulders: "I just woke Jorge up and we talked a bit." "What about?" I rolled my eyes, he is always this curious. "About cars." His eyes lit up, he's a big fan. "Which ones?" "The one with the tires.", I snarled.

Javi pinched my arm, in reward I hit him. Only lightly of course. more in a teasing manner. "Can we eat now?", Benji asked. He looked kinda lost. We both agreed and together we go to the kitchen.

My mom made pancakes and eggs with bacon. "Mum, this is so much food.", I complained. I do hate food waste. She stroke my head lightly: "We are more people now. I now have eight people to feed." "Oh, that's true", I took some pancakes and put a lot of syrup on them.

Benji stopped me: "What are you doing? Now you will only taste syrup." he laughed at me. "Pancakes won't taste like anything without it." But he did had a point, the syrup made everything super super sweet. I still ate all of it.

Later on the school bus we sat in the back together with Noen and Addy. Benji talked to Addy about a movie I didn't know while I told Noen about becoming a cheerleader.

At lunch it was the same, only exception was that Avani sat next to me. Also I had money to actually buy food.

"Jey how long will your practice be?", Benji asked next to me. "Um, I don't know, Avani?" "We finish at 5:30 and maybe some time for chancing." He nodded: "Well Practice ends at 5, so I have enough time to go home change and pick you up later, is that okay?" I nodded.

"Oh, Jorge mind if I would watch a bit later?", Noen asked. "Of course not, I mean we do cheer for you and your team after all." Avani glared  at Noen: "What you never cared for the sport. you wanna look under the skirts or something?" His cheeks flushed bright red: "What? I,no. No I don't thing Jorge wears a skirt.", he sputtered a bit.

"Wow", Benji exhaled, "this is still my Jorge. I mean he is my stepbrother." I smiled lightly. Was he really jealous? Jeez, who would have thought Benji could be this hot when he's angry?

After lunch Benji walked me and Avani to class. He petted my head: "I will see you after practice baby." Instantly my cheeks glow, Avani looked at me questioning. "He has a strange sense of humor." She was satisfied with that answer and the lesson started.

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