Chapter 1

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Jenna Walker POV:

"You're late to class?" Her shrill voice cut through my ears with a irritating ring.

"Um, yeah. What did you expect? That I'd wake up on time?" I instinctively rolled my eyes at her regularly shocked question.

"Did you at least finish the assignment?"

I couldn't help but laugh. Finishing an assignment? Yeah, right. When that happens, Hell would surely be completely frozen over.

"I don't know why I even ask anymore, you're impossible." Reina groaned.

"Look, I got to go. I walk slower when im on the phone." I rushed a quick goodbye and hung up.

"I swear," I began muttering to myself in irritation with my head bowed, "She acts as if she's my mother. The only reason I'm hear is so that shes not lonely. God. I literally do-" before i could finish my ranting, i ran into something and fell flat on my bottom.

I looked up and squinted my eyes to try to see the figure through the sun's bright rays. A man? He leaned down slightly and reached his hand out. Instinctively I lifted my hand but dropped it back beside me in an instant. I stared up into his eyes and couldn't help but judge the mask covering his mouth and the hat covering all the way down to his eyebrows.

"I can stand up perfectly fine by myself." I snapped at him as I stood and brushed myself off.

"Apparently you can fall just as perfectly." He retorted as he crouched down to pick up my bag.

As the words rolled off his tounge and theough his lips, a spark of recognition lit inside my, but i quickly brushed it aside as the heat of irritation flamed up.

"Excuse me? Maybe you should watch where your going!" Before he rightened himself, I snatched the bag from his hands and stormed off.

How rude! He doesn't even apologize. Well, i mean...i guess i did run into him. Wait! Stop thinking about it. I dont want to feel guilty over strangers.

Strangers? He seemed so familiar...

Wait. What time is it?

I reached in the front pocket of my bag. There was nothing there.

"OMG! I lost my phone!!?"

Yoongi/Agust D/ Suga POV

I stood up and stared after her. Strange. Usually the mask and hat doesn't work... I shrugged and took a step forward. As i was about to put my foot down, i saw a glare.

A phone?

I turned it on and saw a picture of two girls. One was the girl that ran into me. She was kind of disrespectful. Jin would be laughing so hard at this.

I couldn't help but smile at the irritation that flared in her eyes.

I heard my ringtone going off from my pocket and pulled it out to see Jimin's number flash across the screen.

"What?" I answered.

"Are you on you're way?" He asked, my sharp answer not bothering him the slightest.

"Yeah. I'm almost there." I glanced down at the girl's phone in my other hand.

"야! You said that ten minutes ago. Jin's been complaining that the foods going to get cold!" I rolled my eyes and sighed.

"I'll be there. I across the street right now," I looked up at the suite and then at both sides of the road.

I quickly crossed over before the road got too busy again. I opened the door to meet the very upset glare of Jin.

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