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Chaeryeong almost screamed when Yeji's phone went to voicemail for the third time. She quickly hung up, realizing that Yuna must've gotten her. Their whole plan was falling apart. Not only did they lose their target, they lost Yeji. She lost Yeji, her partner. The only other person besides Chaeryeong who Mr. Shin trusted to watch after his daughter.

Oh, what to do. What can she do? She doesn't even know where they're taking Yeji. She can't save Ryujin by herself. Could Yuna have just put Yeji in the store's closet or something?

Chaeryeong gasped, hopping up off the couch and grabbing her jacket. The store.

She ran to the store, which wasn't long and didn't take too terribly long as she was in shape and could run for long periods of time. The direction she came from made her run into the back of the store, so she slowed down and took the copy of the key Yeji gave her in case something like this happened. She unlocked the door and entered as quietly as she could, in case Yuna or somebody else was still there.

Chaeryeong stood in the darkness of the storage room, listening for any noise anywhere nearby. After a few minutes of detecting nothing, she turned on the flashlight on her phone and made her way to the door. She did everything as quietly as she could in order to not alert anybody, and proceeded in searching the store for any sign of Yeji. Only to be met with disappointment and more frustration because the building was completely void of all people.

"You've got to be kidding me," she sighed under her breath before she closed up the store, making sure to flip the sign to let any nonexistent customers know they were closed.

Chaeryeong then went to the manager's office, where the security cameras were. They may not show a lot, but hopefully they showed enough. And hopefully Yuna didn't tamper with them.

She rewinded the feed back to just ten minutes ago and watched as Yeji called Chaeryeong with a panicky look on her face in one camera, and two guys dragging Ryujin's limp body in another. The door to the employee's room—which was behind the counter, and right behind Yeji—creeped open as Yeji stared outside and continued talking to Chaeryeong. Yuna was out in an instant and wiggled her fingers at the back of Yeji's head, prompting the older to turn around and for Yuna to stick some black box to Yeji's stomach. Judging by the way Yeji's body jerked a few times before falling to the floor, it was a taser.

"No no no no no," Chaeryeong whispered to herself as she watched Yuna make a call and for a black car to pull up in little to no time. At that time, she swore she heard a noise and tapped on the space bar of the keyboard in front of her and stilled, waiting for another noise. When she heard nothing else, she hesitantly turned back to the cameras.

Two guys came and got Yeji's body and put it in a car similar to the one they stuffed Ryujin in, but they put her in the trunk instead and pulled off. Yuna then exited the store and walked off to the right, where there were no cameras. And then Chaeryeong saw herself running up to the back of the building...

"No!" She gasped and jumped out of the seat. She whirled around just to see Yuna smirking at her, holding what looked to be a crowbar in her hand.


But Yuna had already swung and hit Chaeryeong in the head, effectively knocking the older out cold.

"You should've just stayed at home, pretty girl," Yuna commented before she called her goons once again, staring down at the unconscious body before her.

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