Chapter 1: Normal...?

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Chapter 1

I'm not related to my parents, Steven and Paige. I've never met my biological parents. Thank God. They wouldn't be very good parents, anyway. How do I know this? Because when I was two weeks old, Steve and Paige found me in a cardboard box on the side of the road. It was lucky that they were the ones who picked me up. They're the best parents anyone could ever have, though they aren't able to have children of their own.

Obviously a past like that isn't very normal, but truthfully, other that that and my name, Kreia Thor, there hadn't been all that much about me to take special notice of. Sure, I'm above average in both athletics and academics, but I'd been living a pretty normal life. Hanging out with friends, going to school, playing sports... You know, things 16-year-olds do. At least until that day.

I'd only been home from school for an hour. My parents were teasing me about my new boyfriend, Alex.

"I'm not sure I approve of a boy that took so long just to work up the courage to ask," said Steve with a smirk. I smacked him in the shoulder and he laughed, saying "What!? It's not MY fault you're dating a wuss." While trying to shield himself from me.

It was just as I was about to defend my boyfriend when the doorbell rang.

"I'll get it." I said, hitting dad on the back of the head on the way there. I was laughing at him, but it died in my throat when I saw the people who had rung the bell.

They were teens my age, but there's no way they went to my school. I would definitely remember these people.

They looked like a bunch of delinquents, but the look in their eyes made me feel as though they were much worse that that. Obviously they weren't the Jahova Witness type. It wasn't difficult to tell that these people were bad news. I wasn't in the mood for bad news. So... I tried to shut the door in their faces.

Unfortunately, one of the girls from the group stuck her foot out to keep it open. She had bleached blond hair, and held herself like a model, despite the numerous scars all over her face and body. Her most distinctive scar ran under both her eyes and across the bridge of her nose.

They were all heavily scarred, and, oddly enough, all wore similar clothing. School uniform maybe? I highly doubted it, though; the outfits were much too flashy, and had obviously been customized by each of the wearers. They were mostly black with red stitching, red buttons, and emblems that were bright red 3D sevens over top of octagons that were a darker red. The emblems were on the front of the left shoulders, and the uniforms had two rows of buttons. The three girls from the group had very revealing outfits, exposing most of their chests, mid-drifts, arms and legs.

"Are you Kreia Thor?" said the boy with the least amount of scars, interrupting me as I observed them. This boy seemed to have a permanently bored voice and expression. They knew my name... And from the look of them, that definitely wasn't a good thing. F**K.

"Y-yes..." I mumbled nervously, worrying at what they might want with me. They couldn't REALLY be there for me, could they? I mean... I've never done anything... to get involved with gangs and... what? I... what had I been thinking...? I...


This chapter is much shorter than I originally thought... Ah munna try super hard for a long second chapter, so if anyone even reads and likes this, they're gonna have to wait a while before the second chapter... And they probably would have had to wait a while anyway. I hopez people read this... Oh yeah and i wont be able to work on it this weekend because it's my birthday tomorrow(saturday) and I'z got lotza homework to do DX so yeah... C ya!

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