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(y/n pov)

"Got everything?" You asked your 5-year-old as she waited by the door. You smiled as you bent over to give her a kiss on the forehead. "Looks like your missing Chocolate," You said. Her eyes widened as she ran upstairs to get her teddy bear.

The doorbell rang as she was still upstairs and you sighed and went to open it. Ethan smiled at you as you stepped aside to invite him. "Hey," He said. You smiled.

"Hey," He didn't come in, and instead shivered outside. "Come, it's freezing out there," You said. He chuckled and stepped inside, and you closed the door behind you.

"Where's-" But he was cut off as Kira came running down the stairs. "Hey princess!" He yelled getting down on one knee. She ran to him and squealed.

"Daddy!" She screamed, running into his arms. "Cold?" She asked, patting his red cheek. He smiled and nodded, helping her put her boots on.

"Got your snow pants?" He asked. She looked over at you. You nodded.

"It's in her bag, don't keep her out too long, it's really cold," You told him. He nodded and stood up, holding her hand. He walked over to grab her bag for the weekend and she gave you a hug.

"Bye mommy!" She said. You smiled and kissed her on the cheek, walking them to the door. You let them out and Kira kicked at the snow at the entrance.

And before you could say anything, Ethan had planted a kiss on your cheek.


You and Ethan had fallen in love young. Too young. You were high school sweethearts, having been together since freshman year. About a decade passed and you were married at 23 with a one-year-old.

Now, you'd never fallen out of love. With you at home all the time to take care of Kira, Ethan was always at work. To the point where he would come home so late, tired. You both had different ideas of what you wanted your future to go, and that led to constant arguing. And so together, you had come to a collective agreement, for what was best for all of you.

A divorce.

You were happy with the decision. You thought it was the best thing for both you and Ethan as well as your daughter. You and Ethan had decided that Kira would go with him every weekend and be with you during the week. Ethan was still as much of a father as he was before and wanted to be as involved as he could with Kira.

You were okay with that. You got the break you needed over the weekends and spent all other time with your daughter. One problem. About a month after the divorce, you realized you were still in love Ethan. So in love with him.

Ethan had moved out, knowing he wanted Kira to grow up in the house he had built for his family. So you stayed in the house while Ethan bought a two-bedroom apartment, not far off from your place. You couldn't go back to Ethan. You were positive he wasn't in love with you anymore.

But that whole weekend, you couldn't stop thinking about him. It was just a kiss on the cheek, but you questioned it. Did he still love you too?

You spent the whole weekend inside. There was a snowstorm, you weren't going to drive in that weather. And you hoped Ethan wouldn't either. When Monday came, you figured you would call Ethan and tell him to stay with Kira until the weather cleared up. But he didn't pick up.

And by the time Monday evening rolled around, you were sipping out of your wine glass, a nervous wreck, wondering where Ethan and Kira were. No phone call or text. Ethan never did that. And you practically jumped out of your seat as you heard the doorbell ring.

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