Chapter 40; Ex

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I returned to the yard with 5 ice cold glasses of iced tea on a tray. I set it down on the table and handed everyone a towel then went back to my seat. Everyone was silent while they sipped on their teas. "This is the most delicious iced tea I've ever tasted!" Latoya broke the silence. I smiled, "aw, thank you!". Triniti flashed me a look, then looked at Latoya and then in her lap. She was so petty, but so long as there was no drama there was no need for me to get involved. We sat outside for about an hour before our clothes were finally dry enough for us to go inside and change. We all went to our room or guest rooms to dry off, change and get more comfortable.
Michael and I walked into our room, closing the door behind us. I walked over to my dresser and grabbed a pair of shorts and a tank top. Michael stood on the other side of the room, staring at me, biting his lip with a smirk on his face. I laughed and began lowering my pants to tease him. I dropped them to my ankles and began to remove my shirt. I took it off and threw it at him. He caught the shirt, and started blushing. "Did you think you were gonna see anymore? Turn around!" I said, while laughing. He smiled and threw my shirt back at me then went on to change himself. I removed my bra and panties and replaced them with a new set. Then I slipped into my shorts and tank top and sat on the bed. Michael changed into a white t-shirt and black and white striped sweat pants and sat next to me. "You're a jerk." He playfully whispered into my ear. "How so?" I acted clueless. "Like you don't know, you little tease." He said while smiling at me. "Yeah, yeah." I responded and we shared a laugh. The room grew silent before Michael's phone began ringing.
"Hello?" He answered the phone.
"Hello, Michael!" His mother said on the other line.
"Hello Mother, is everything okay?" He asked.
"I'm not feeling too well, Dear. I was just wondering if you'd be able to come by for a few days." She responded.
"What's going on, are you okay?" Michael asked.
"I'm not too sure of what exactly is wrong but I'd feel better if you came to stay with me for a bit." His mother responded.
"Let me speak with Olivia and call you back." Michael responded and they hung up the phone. He turned to me, "so, that was my mother and apparently she isn't feeling too well. She really wants me to come up there and be with her." He began. "Oh well you have to go see her!" I responded. "I am worried about her, but I don't want to just leave you with all these guests." He said. "It's your mother, love. Go be with her. She needs you, and we'll be fine!" I assured him. He smiled and kissed me on the lips. "Are you sure?" He said. "I'm positive, hun!" I responded. "Okay, baby." He said as he kissed my forehead then stood up and began packing a duffle bag to take with him. I smiled and began helping him. He picked out several outfits which I helped him pack efficiently. "So, how long will you be there?" I asked. "Depends on how she is feeling." He responded. "Okay, well if there's anyway that I can help just let me know" I responded. "Thanks baby." He said with a smile. I smiled back and continued helping him pack. I know I said I didn't mind if he had went, but I was still going to miss him like crazy. Once he finished packing up his bag, he walked over to me to give me a kiss. He pecked me a few times before getting more passionate. "I know you're going to miss me, so I figured I'd give you a kiss that was worthwhile." He teased. I playfully rolled my eyes, "yeah, whatever." I said. We walked out of the room and made our way downstairs to the front door. Everyone must've still been in their rooms because no body was downstairs. He opened the door and walked out. He turned around and gave me one last kiss, "just tell everyone what's going on okay? I love you." He said. "I love you more, Mikey. Be safe and please call me when you arrive." I said. "Definitely." He responded before walking away, getting into his car, and pulling off. I closed the door and turned around just as Triniti and Janet came walking downstairs. "Hey, where's Michael going?" Janet asked. "I guess your mom is feeling sick and wanted him there with her. I hope she is okay." I said.

Janet pov

I pulled out my phone as soon as Olivia told me about mother. Why didn't she call me? Now, I was worried. As I pulled it out I read a text from Michael.
"Jan, I have to go take care of Mother. She isn't feeling too well. I only left because I felt secure in the thought of knowing you're there so Latoya won't be alone with Olivia. Please take care of things and if anything goes wrong, call me."
I put my phone back in my pocket. I wasn't going to leave Olivia alone with Latoya, I couldn't do that. She couldn't be fully trusted right now.

Latoya POV

I discretely watched out of my guest room window as Michael pulled out of the driveway. I had just gotten off the phone with mother so I knew what was going on already. After Michael's car was no longer in sight, I returned to the bed and pulled out my phone. I scrolled through my contacts for a name of someone who I haven't spoken to in forever. "Ah, here you are. Just the ex that I was looking for." I said to myself as I pressed send on the call.
"Hello?" The voice on the other end said in confusion.
"Hello, Diana. Remember me? Latoya. Michael's sister." I began.
"Oh my goodness, how long has it been?" She asked.
"Who knows! Too long, that's for sure. So I heard you wanted to see Michael?" I asked.
"Well, I'd love to. I was telling your mom last time I was over there. But, how'd you hear that?" She asked.
"You said you told my mom." I responded.
"Well anyways, he's on his way over there now. Won't be there for a few hours, but why don't you stop by and surprise him?" I said.
"Okay. Yeah. Thanks Latoya!" She said and we hung up the phone. I smiled and then went downstairs with everyone else. . .

A/N; Short chapter for dramatic effect 😉 enjoy your Monday everyone!

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