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The Boathouse Murder

A Historical Whodunit set in 1959

By Jennifer Berg

The Cast of Characters:

Sheila Waters, the dead woman

Viola Langford, Sheila's cousin and her protege, she was timid farm girl before her cousin swept her away to the glamorous metropolitan life.

Barry Blackwell, Sheila's fiance and Viola's boss, he was all set for a relaxing weekend on the water.

Clifton Jones, a rich & handsome Seattle banker. He has a luxurious yacht and a great job but he's looking for a new secretary.

Darlene Pitt, hardworking owner of the Boathouse tackle shop and diner. Her coffee was the last thing Sheila drank before she died.

Tom Pitt, Darlene's son who works in the Boathouse and spends his weekends fishing.

Herman, a salty old fisherman who likes to talk about boats and fishing, especially with Darlene.

The local policeman.

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