Sweet Blood, Sour Love

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Some say blood is sour, some say blood is cold. But my blood is sweet, or so he says. Tragic lives have devastating ends. I don't believe that, but I should. Now, most of you are probably thinking, "Oh, this is probably another vampire love story! He says her blood tastes sweet!" But, no. Yeah, this is a love story, with SOME vampires. But, before you hear anyone else's side on my life, I think you should hear mine first. But, here's my life from the beginning, well, actually, my beginning starts off on a Saturday morning, exactly three days and seventeen hours until my fifteenth birthday.


"Skylar! Get up! This is the last time I'm going to tell you to get up!" My mom screamed up at me from downstairs. I groaned and sat up in my bed. It was six thirty in the morning, on a Saturday. I slid out of bed and went downstairs to the kitchen where my mom was. "What the hell, mom! It's six thirty in the morning on a Saturday!" I yelled towards her waving my arms, my English accent more noticeable than usual. "Language, Skylar," Gracie, my mom, scolded. "I have to work early today, and so did your dad-" "He's not my dad." I cut her off through gritted teeth. "Not now, Sky, please. Anyway, after work, dad and I are going out for a little bit. So, here's twenty dollars to order pizza or something. Tell Oliver when he wakes up." Gracie handed me a twenty dollar bill.

My 'dad' is actually my step-dad. Gracie remarried about four years ago when I was ten. Mason, in my opinion, isn't someone I approve of for my mom to be married to. For one, he's almost ten years older than my mom; Eight years older to be exact. Two, Mason's ex-wife accused him that he beat and abused her, and she divorced him. The jury was hung on that one, and didn't have enough 'evidence' to prove him guilty. and three, he treats me literally like a six year old. Oliver, my identical twin brother, doesn't necessarily approve of Mason either, but Mason treats Oliver like one of his own.

Gracie kissed my cheek and headed out to her car. 'Why the hell did she wake me up just to tel me that? She could have just left a note!" I whined in my head. Since I was already awake, I decided I would get a large cup of coffee and watch something amusing on the t.v. The coffee burned my throat, but it tasted delicious. The only thing that amusing that was on t.v. was 2008's Super Bowl with the Steelers against the Cardinals. Lounged on the sectional couch in the livng room, I sipped my coffee while listening to the referees call out fouls and blow they're screeching whistles.

"Morning, Skyla." Oliver said in the same small English accent I have, while hopping down the stairs. I turned around on the couch and saw Oliver in plaid boxers and a black tank top pouring himself a cup of coffee, too. "Hi, Oliver. What are you doing up so early?" I questioned. Oliver was never up this early, nor was I. "Well, first, I heard mum yelling at you to get up, then I heard the football game going on on the television." Oliver replied and plopped down next to me on the couch. "So, who's winning?" Oliver wondered. "Um, the Steelers are up by fifteen against the Cardinal. It's a re-run of 2008's Super Bowl." I replied.

It was about ten when the game ended. The Steelers won. Oliver snd I ere pretty hungry, so we made two omlets, bacon, and toast. After we ate, I went upstairs to my room, and Oliver stayed downstairs and kept watching T.V. I pulled out my favorite book of all time and began reading it. The Scarlet Letter. It's about a woman in the 17th century who was convicted of adultery, and is forced to wear and embroided red 'A' on her chest. The 'A' stands for adultery. I'd read the book about twenty times before, but it never seemed to get old.

Right as I turned to chapter two in The Scarlet Letter, our phone began to ring. I set my book down and ran downstairs to get it, but Oliver already had.

"Hello?" Oliver asked. I heard the muffled answer from the caller.

"Hey Royce, what's up?" It was Royce, one of Oliver's friends. His voice was still muffled as he talked for a while.

"Really? Sweet! Oh, hey, can I bring Skylar with?" *muffled reply*

"Awesome. See you in a bit, bye." Oliver hung up.

"So, um, where exactly am I going?" I wondered. "Well, Royce and his family are going to their beach house at twelve this afternoon, and he's going to bring some friends with, so he invited me and said you can come, too. What do you say?" Oliver had an expression on his face wanting me to say yes. "Oh, okay," I said. Oliver smiled. "And he's picking us up, right?" Me, nor Oliver, had our drivers' license yet. "Yeah! So, go up and get ready! Bring your bathing suit! And don't forget a towel, too!" Oliver demanded. "Eh, excuse me! I'm thirteen long minutes older than you I'm the one who orders you!" I joked.

I went upstairs to take a shower. After my shower, I raked a brush through my dark red hair. I slipped on my green and blue bikini, red skinny jeans, and a black tanktop. My hair was really wavy, but it looked good, so I didn't straighten it.

"Skyla! Royce's her! C'mon!" Oliver yelled up to me. I grabbed my phone and my bag; it had a towel and a change of clothes, and hurried downstairs. A tall, blond-hared, broad shouldered boy stood in our doorway. Royce. Royce was a really sweet guy, well, when he wanted to be, but a comlete arrogant ass most times. "Heller Skylar." Royce greeted with a thick Australian accent. Although we lived in Australia, I always felt out of place with my English accent. "Hi, Royce." I greeted back. "M'Kay, you guys ready?" Asked Royce. Oliver nodded and we headed outside.

Royce had a 4x4 jeep with 28in. tires, and it was jacked up seven inches. There were two girls in the jeep. One had black hair, the other one had blond hair. Royce, Oliver, and I got into thejeep. "Ph, guys, this is Ariel and Katie. Ariel, Katie, this is Oliver and Skylar. They're twins." Royce introduced. I smiled and buckled in the back seat. I was very shy, so I didn't try to spark up a conversation with either of them. Ariel, the blond one, was very petite. Her eyes were e deep forest green. Katie was very heavy-set. Her face was very rounded and her neck was almost hidden. Royce turned the key in the ignition, and the jeep rumbled to life with a muffled roar. We were on our way.


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