Chapter 1

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Ace is 12 years old, your 11, and Luffy is 9. This takes place after Sabo died.

Luffy POV

"AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! ACE HELP!!!!!!!!" I shouted as I ran through the forest. I was being chased by a huge tiger that I decided to try and hunt by myself, but it turns out I wasn't strong enough to handle it. I called out Ace's name but he still hasn't come and helped me. I continued to runaway until I saw something in front of me. It was a girl with (h/l) (h/c) and cold (e/c), although she had her head down so it's hard to tell. She was wearing a red dress that exposed shoulders and part of her chests. The dress was short with a white belt around her waist and she had on matching thigh high socks. Her dress was torn and the girl seemed mad about it. However I  ended up ignoring her and running right past her expecting the girl to run away too but she didn't. The huge tiger that was chasing me stoped right in front of the girl and growled at her.
"Oi! What are you doing run away!!" I shouted at her but she ignored me. She finally raised her head and stared right at the tiger. For some reason though the tiger seemed to have gotten scared of her and backed away from the girl. Then all of a sudden the girl jumped onto the tiger causing me to open my mouth and me eyes to bulge out.
"EHHHHHHH!!!!!!" What is this girl doing!?
"So cute!!" The girl said while hugging the tiger. The tiger did nothing but purr as she scratched his ear.
"How did you do that!!!" I shouted to the girl with stars in my eyes. She turned around finally noticing my presence.
"Do what?" She asked confused.
"How did you stop him from killing you?"
"I don't know."
"I have to show Ace this!" I said grabbing the girls arms and running.
"Hey wait a minute." She complained but I ignored her and dragged her through the forest looking for my brother Ace.
"Hey where's the tiger you were hunting?" A familiar voice said from above. I looked up to find Ace on a tree branch with his pipe.
"ACE!!!" I said excitedly and he jumped down from the branch.
"Who's the girl?" He asked.
"I don't know but you should have seen what she did it was the coolest."
"You can't go bringing random people!" Ace lectures and hit me on the head with the pipe.
"I'm sorry but she was so cool I had to show you."
"Show me what?"
"Tell Ace what you did!" I said to the girl.
"I'm sorry but I don't know what your talking about?" The girl said. Then all of a sudden a tiger came out from the bushes. Ace got into his fighting stance while I got ready to fight too ready for it to attack.
"Aww you came looking for me good girl." The girl said while petting the tiger.
"What the-." Ace said confused. "How did you do that?"
"Do what?" She asked.
"Tame the damn tiger of course!" Ace shouted.
"Ohh that. I don't know." Ace looked at her irritated while I just had stars in my eyes.
"Isn't she cool!"
" I don't know if I'm cool." She said sweatdropping.
"What's your name?" Ace asked rudely."
"(__) and you don't have to ask so rudely." The girl now named as (__) said with her hands on her hips.
"What was th-." Ace was saying but I cut him off.
"I'm Luffy and I'm going to be King of the Pirates." I said happily with my signature smile.
"Don't go saying that to everyone you idiot." Ace says hitting me again.
"Why not?!" I complained.
"Because you will only bring unnecessary problems."
"Hey (__) you want to come eat dinner with us?" I asked happily.
"She seemed hesitant at first but agreed anyways. Sure why not."

Your POV

Luffy, Ace, and I walked through laughing and taking. Well at least Luffy and I were, Ace was quiet. Although I did notice Ace staring at me from time to time however when I would look back at him he turned his head around real fast. Maybe he's doesn't like me or I did something around. Once we got to a small house Luffy kicked open the door and we were greeted with a band of people. From what they were wearing, what they looked like, and the weapons they had I could easily pick up that they were bandits; however I didn't worry to much because Ace and Luffy seemed to know them. When they noticed us come in one of them, a large women with orange curly hair, started yelling.
"Ace, Luffy, who the hell is this brat?" The women yelled pointing at me.
"This is our friend (__). She's going to eat with us." Luffy said smiling. Wait did he just call us friends. I just met him. Doesn't it take longer for people to become friends. Not that I'm an expert or anything.
"Not my friend." Ace said quietly but I still heard him.
"No way in hell am I feeding another brat!!! She's got to go!"
"Come on (__) you can sit right here." Luffy said as he went to a nearby table and sat down. I however was still in the same spot along with Ace.
"Hey don't ignore me you brat!!" I decided that now was my time to intervene. I didn't want to leave yet when Luffy just called us friends.
"I'm so sorry for interrupting your wonderful dinner. I don't want to be a bother for you so I can just leave right now if you would like." I said bowing. Shizouka told me before if I ever wanted anything that all I had to do was be polite. She also I already have the cute part down so I'm set.
"(__) don't leave." Luffy said sadly.
"Hey lets just let the kid stay Dadan." A short man said.
"Yeah it ain't going to be to much of a problem." A taller man with a beard said.
"Fine but one night only you hear!!!!" She yelled.
"Thank you so much for your hospitality." I replied causing her and the two guys next to her to blush a little for some reason. (It was because she was adorable, if you don't understand)
"Yay (__) is staying!!" Luffy cheered as I headed to his table. I giggled at his silliness and seated myself in the middle of him and Ace. From that point on we talked, laughed, and ate well more like they ate. They had food flying all over the place eating as much as the possible could. I couldn't even get myself one piece of meat but I was okay with that. It seems like everyone here was eating like there was no tomorrow but Luffy and Ace seemed worse the everyone else. But they looked really happy. They must have a really nice family even if Dadan seems a little hostile.
"Here." Ace said getting me out of my thoughts. He was holding a piece of meat to me.
"For me?" I asked.
"Yeah. You weren't eating so you can have this one."
I was surprised at first because Ace seemed cold towards me at first but I took it none the less.
"Thanks." I said while doing a closed eye smile causing him to blush but I didn't notice.
After a little while we all finished eating and it was time for me to leave.
"Aww you're leaving already." Luffy said sadly.
"Yeah, but I'm going to come again tomorrow." Immediately Luffy started smiling again.
"Bye." I said walking off leaving behind my two new friends.

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