Chapter 4: A new beginning

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Megan sobbed and pleaded but to no  avail then Nicholas came and whispered "I'm so sorry Megan"

" Get me the injection and let's begin.
Megan's POV

I was now extremely scared about what was happening. Nicholas then filled up a huge syringe with a clear blue liquid. He noticed that her eyes were on the syringe and said "it is to test your immunity to a milder form of the disease."

  Then Nicholas took a step forward and said" Clarissa hold her arm down"

"No no no please no I beg of you".
Before I could be blink he had slipped the needle into my arm. My body suddenly felt shaky and then relaxed, I didn't know what was happening to my body I was just confused. They did that again but bigger injections with different dark colors.

Then Clarissa and Nicholas got me up and took me out of the room, I saw this as my chance I broke free and ran down the hall I looked back they were looking at me with pity but i did not care I ran out and saw a lot of bars but I did not look or go further because two strong arms held me and dragged me back. I saw a large man with a hood and a mask, I thought the build and features were familiar I thought "could it be.... No"  I shook that thought out of my head it couldn't have been him. I last saw Him years ago, so it couldn't. Then the man spoke up
" Carter, make sure you watch her closely though she can't get very far and you need to be very careful young lady" 

"Yes boss" he squeaked.

I only look down in confusion.

Nicholas then took my arm and led me to a dark room and Clarissa followed behind, then Clarissa turned on the light and a bright light temporarily blinded her, when her eyes got adjusted to the light she saw a bed  like the one before. Infact she saw a room like the one before.

But unlike before there were more instrument and tools near the bed, she was now  agitated and frightened again.

"Please take me home leave me alone please"

Then the hooded man came in again and said" This is your life now get used to it it is  a new beginning"

Then he began to take of his hood and mask. Then she found out that she was right she knew him.......... Her dad

She said" Dad"

"Yes, darling it's me"
Omg 😮 I left you guys on a cliffhanger *evil laugh* but seriously what the heck keep reading.

"Yes, darling it's me"********************************A/n Omg 😮 I left you guys on a cliffhanger *evil laugh* but seriously what the heck keep reading

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The hospital room
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