Chapter Eighteen

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WARNING - this chapter contains sexual scenes, for mature audience only

Chapter Eighteen 


I sat down between the twins at the dinner table as we ate dinner. Ramone was quiet, simply picking at food, as Devon and I tried to keep a conversation going – but Ramone's mood just wasn't lifting any. I understood why; he felt guilty for Kim hurting me and he was confused with how to punish her.

"I'm going to have a shower" Ramone commented, placing his plate in the sink. He pressed a kiss to the top of my head before heading upstairs. Devon and I were quiet for a moment, before he sighed and took both of plates to the sink. I sat silently as he cleaned them – his stress obvious from the high tension in his shoulders.

"I'm going to head out" Devon said suddenly, drying his hands as he turned back to me. "Ramone needs reassurance from you. I'm going to give you guys the night together".

"I don't want to have sex with Ramone without you there" I frowned, knowing instantly what he was hinting at. Devon walked over to me and kissed me gently.

"It doesn't mean anything. I love you and Ramone loves you the same, this is something he needs to help him get over how he thinks he hurt you".

"I don't want to come between either of you" I whispered. I had gotten used to the idea of having the twins together – I didn't want one without the other, and I was sure they'd understood that. I pouted in upset but Devon just kissed my lips again.

"It's nothing to be upset about, Tabby Cat. I want you to spend the night with Ramone, it's okay and I won't feel jealous".

I brushed my hand over his cheek, "I want you too".

"I love you but, please, bring him back to us. I've never seen him like this before, only his mate can pull him out of this depression". Devon kissed me deeply, alighting my body with desire, before stepping back and smiling. "I'll be back later".

I watched Devon head out the back door, quickly strip his clothes off, before shifting into his wolf form and taking off into the surrounding forests. I stood still for a few minutes, thinking over everything, before I headed upstairs.

I could hear the shower running in the main bathroom, as I headed into Ramone's bedroom and stripped my clothing off. I was nervous – but not to have sex with Ramone, as that felt natural, I was nervous as Devon wasn't with us. But, he was right – Ramone and I needed some serious time alone.

I went into the bathroom and admired Ramone's bare back and rear – water dripping down his beautiful black skin. I could see the tension between his shoulders blades as he rinsed the soap from his hair.

Ramone jumped as I opened the shower door. He turned to me, shocked, before relaxing as I stepped under the flow of the warm water. "Hi beautiful" he smiled, although there was still a sad undertone to his words.

"I miss you" I whispered to him, as I wrapped my arms around him. His hands settled onto my hips as I leant in and kissed him deeply. I pressed my body tight against his as I tasted his lips and felt love. I ran my hands up and down his back as his lips greedily took from mine. I could feel his hardening member settling between us.

I pulled back and ran the back of my hand over his cheek. "I need you to let this go, Ram. I don't blame you for Kim stabbing me, nobody does except you. I need the Ramone back that I met a few weeks ago, I need my mate back".

"I know" he muttered, voice so quiet it was almost lost to the sound of the running water. "I just keep thinking what would have happened if you died. I don't think I could survive without you and I know that Devon wouldn't survive. If you died, Devon wouldn't last long, and I couldn't survive without both of you and--"

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