Chapter 32

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Consultation from last chapter...

"Melly yo fiance here!" Bryson yelled

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"Melly yo fiance here!" Bryson yelled. Before I could say something to Jamell, Taylor walked in smiling. I just can't stand her she irks my nerves to the fullest.

"Melly what did I tell you before I left!" She said yelling. I sat by Bryson and Bort. Ion wanna be in the middle of this at fucking all.

"Bitch im grown as fuck! Ion know who you think you controlling!" Jamell yelled back. I shook my head.

"That's none of my business. That's none of my business." I sung lowly. Bryson laughed at me. Taylor looked in out direction.

"Fuck is so funny?" She asked. Bryson looked at me and we started laughing.

"Look Tater Tot don't start nothing that you can't finish." I said laughing.

"I'm dead sus said Tater Tot." Bryson said. My phone dinged and I seen I had a text from the groupchat Bort made. It was me, Bort, Kentrell, Track, Bryson, J Green and Derek in it.

Young Nigga 🌏 Groupchat

Slimeball💚🐍: Ion like Taylor sorry not sorry

Bort🙄🤮: Ion like her neither welcome to the club😂

Bestie💕💅🏼: Well then y'all needa tell him don't marry her then

Track😶💙: If he happy wit her let him be

J Green🌳❤: Nobody likes her 🤣🤣🤣

Track shut yo ugly ass up

Derek😷💞: Destiny u can rlly be quiet yo ugly ass

Bestie💕💅🏼 Don't come for my bestie like that

Bort🙄🤮: U really is ugly Destiny 🤮🤮

J Green🌳❤: ^ That's what I've been saying this whole time she ugly💀

Nigga shut up👊🏿 u be the main one coming eating my food u stupid cunt

Slimeball💚🐍: My slime ain't ugly😊

See thank u for defending me Kentrell 💚

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