Strawberry Jam

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Just a cute fluffy one shot between you and Lucifer.


You loved your relationship with Lucifer it was so playful and carefree. You were both very happy with each other. However sometimes Lucifer gets a little to... Lucifer.

You woke up early and were busy making pancake for both for you were you heard a small noise coming from the hallway. You got suspicious and went to go check it out, turns out it was just your dog luci jr. (You picked the name) 

You go back to kitchen to continue with breakfast. When you walk through the door the stack of about 15 pancakes you had all ready for you two is completely gone, not even a crumb left. 

You sigh frustratingly "Lucifer! Get your ass out here!" 

He slowly shuffles around the corner an back into the kitchen with a smirk spreading on his face. "Yes, darling~?" he chrips acting oblivious

You bite a back a smile at his innocent face, stop it Y/n! Your supposed to be mad at him! You think to yourself.

"Do you happen to know where my pancakes that I spent a half an hour on and that were for both of us disappeared to?" You ask playing along

He looks a little guilty not realizing that they were for the both of you. "Well, that's a funny story actually..." he smile sheepishly at you.

"Let me guess, you saw the pancakes and you stomach took over and ate them all. Just like last time and the before that!"

"Guess I need to think, before I eat huh?" you laugh half heartily at him.

"A bowl of cereal for me I guess." you glare at him playfully

He shakes his head putting the cereal back in the cupboard. "Nope! I'll make you breakfast you go sit down and relax" he says gently pushing towards the living room.

You giggle and give in going to watch some TV. Your about 10 minutes in when you hear crashing sounds coming from the kitchen followed a long string of cuss words.

"Luci? Everything okay in there?" you call

"Yep! Everything's going smoothly" he calls back sounding very out of breath. You chuckle and turn your attention back to the TV.

20 minutes later Lucifer walks into the living carrying a large plate of every breakfast food you can possibly think of. He smiles proudly setting the plate down on the coffee table next to you.

"For you, love" he says sitting down next to you.

You kiss his cheek and chuckle at his dishelaved appearance. He has flour all over his shirt and a bit of strawberry jam on his nose. You nuzzle into each other nibbling at the breakfast.

"Thank you Luci" you mumble with a cinnamon roll in your mouth.

"Of course" he smirked eyes wandering back to the plate

"What? You have that I just thought of something very sexual look on your face."

He laughed "well... Maybe we could have some fun with these later" he smirked nodding over to the Jam and whipped cream.

You perused your lips "or now" you whispered moving onto his lap kissing him passionately.

Maybe you were a morning person after all.

A/n: sorry this was short, I have a much longer one planned for next update though!

-Kat 😜

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