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Veras- the only place in the underworld which wasn't dark, it was rather enchanting with the beauty and placidity of Elysium- the heavens.

It was the terrain which Hades created for his Queen to be.

The god of Underworld was gazing at the azure lagoon filled with ice cold water see with unmistakable rage.

He dragged his palm across a platinum sword, crimson liquid dripped down forming ripples in the lake.

Nector- the water was now nector ..... poison for him..nector for her.

Stepping inside the lagoon embarked with stairs his body made way down until only his shoulders were visible.

Gripping the sword harder in his wounded hand he gazed down at his reflection... unfanthomable wrath swirling in the grey irisis.

His eyes closed when he saw a vision.
She layed there limp with no sounds escaping her as fire seemed to burn her insides.

He lowered his wounded hand in freezing water....the blood of a god can heal anything.

A strong gust of wind from the small window above caressed her cheek, whirling around her....serenity, peace.

Another wave of anguish ripped through her stomach, her body curling into the fetus position.

Her untrue mate was having sex with another woman.

The mate bond will kill her.

But no mate bond or moon goddess has the potential to hurt her. King Hades will destroy it's essence before they can blink.

"MY LORD!" She screamed as tears poured down her eyes. Her breathing was scarce..she felt like she was drowning.

The flowers near the lagoon withered as Hades' head dipped underwater.

A breath for a breath...

She layed in the cell basking in the warmth and protection that the breeze seemed to carry with it, petrichor- the smell of rainy soil filled her lungs rejuvenating her broken spirit.

He came out of the ice cold water, his injury turning blue, deep scars covering his back- her scars....those were supposed to litter her body.

"PERSEPHONE!" his voice roared.

Persephone's POV

Tears streamed down my face as the dream ended. I was again seeing one of his memories. Without thinking anything I threw the covers off myself running out the door.

I ran without a sense of thought...my only aim was to find him- my mate.

It has been a month of me ignoring him and when I did that I felt the spark in his eyes getting dimmer and each and every time a piece of me died.

I found myself standing in front of a humongous door laced with the aroma of lemon and mint.....him.

I opened the door slowly, the infinite darkness seemed to end when falling on his face, Startlight Astra- the ultimate light source of Hell, Heaven and Earth splitting into hues while dancing on his smooth skin.

He was sleeping calmly ,the soft voice of the pitter patter of my feet didn't seem to bother him but a cease in his brow sang a tale- he wasn't calm...he was in pain.

His shirtless chest sculpted with the essence of masculinity rose and fell as he breathed deeply.

But what bothered me the most were the burn scars littered on his body because of me. Several tears escape my eyes as I made my way to his bed.

That day in heat I had felt loved, soothed, healed. He took all my anguish giving me his love.

I don't deserve you my king.

Getting under the sheets I snuggled into his body, my head on his chest.

Tracing my fingers on each of his scars my eyes flickered to his hand. Gently opening his palm my soul wailed as I noticed that the injury from the sword had not healed yet.

Taking a shaky breath I pressed my lips to it.

"Persephone? Baby?"

"I am cursed My King."

Hola Babies!!!! Meet King Hades.♥️♥️♥️😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

The pic down is him.🌼🌼🤤🤤🤤


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