Chapter 29

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Jasmine's POV

"Where did you go yesterday?"

I looked up from my history book at Violet as the question left her mouth. I sighed, knowing she has been dying to ask me that ever since this morning. But for some reason she has been quiet till now. Maybe she understood I needed space and she gave it to me, for which I am grateful. But I know her, and it must have been her limit now since she finally dropped the bomb.

"I was just feeling sick. So I decided to return home. Not a big deal." I said nonchalantly.

She narrowed her eyes at me, refusing to believe me. I know she knows whatever's leaving my mouth is utter bullshit, but I just couldn't tell her about Bailey and the whole Andrew fiasco. For some reason, I didn't even tell Chris about my meeting with Bailey. I could've, or rather should've told him, but I couldn't bring myself to do so. I have always been a reserved person and never liked sharing everything with other people. And it has only been two days since we started dating. So technically it's too soon to start sharing everything. I know even he has secrets he hasn't shared with me, and I don't hate him for that. I really believe if I'm not ready to share everything, even he has the right not to.

"Jasmine? Hello? Hey, earth to girl!"

Violet's voice brought me back to the present and I smiled sheepishly.

"Where's Jasper? I haven't seen him all day." I said, changing the subject.

"Who knows? The asshole's always up to something." Violet mumbled.

I sighed. "Vi, you really need to let go of the resentment. He apologised to me and now is my friend. I thought you both were getting along. So what happened now?"

Her cheeks turned red and I caught that something was definitely fishy.

"Vi???" I pried.

"Okay okay. Well...." she trailed off and that irritated me.

"Speak up girl." I snapped.

"Okay. Wesomehowmighthavekissedbutit'snotabigdealbuthe'signoringmeandIdon'tknowwhattodo."

"What?!! English. Speak in English."

She sighed. "We kissed."

I choked on my water and coughed violently. Once I regained my breath, I looked at Violet with wide eyes.

"You did what?! Oh my God! Why wasn't I informed of this!" I shrieked.

"Maybe if you would've been available to talk to. You don't seem to enjoy our company anymore."

Violet's bitter words took me aback. I didn't know she thought that. I was about to retaliate but stopped still, wondering about her words.

Was I really so into my own world that I was ignorant of my friends?

"Oh God.'s not like that. I-I'm sorry. It's just that....." Violet panicked and trailed off.

"What is it? Tell me Vi."

"I'm sorry Jas. I know what you've been going through, with all the Hunter drama and all, and I'm sorry I sounded so bitchy. It's just that......we kissed. Me and Jasper. My car broke that day and he offered to drop me home. When we reached my house, I turned to say goodbye but was shocked when he leaned down and kissed me. I-I was so surprised I ran out of the car. Since then we both have been avoiding each other like a plague. I wanted to talk to someone, especially you, but you had your own problems. I didn't want to burden you. I'm sorry I said that. Please forgive me."

She was close to tears and I felt bad. I pulled her closer to me and hugged her.

"Hey hey. It's not your fault Vi. I'm sorry if I gave any impression of not wanting to associate with you anymore. I just had so much going on, I couldn't think straight. I'm always here to listen to you, silly."

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