Part 17 : Our Destiny

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*123 Coffee Shop*

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"Where have you been all this time? You have no idea how hard I was trying to find you" Taehyung said in a worried tone. You start to feel bad at him for leaving without news.

"I'm leaving because I want to calm my mind first and I hope you understand my situation, Tae" You can't longer look at Taehyung's sad eyes, it hurt your heart.

"I know you try calm your mind but you leave without trace and make me feel like drying, y/n" His eyes are full of sadness looking at you. "I really miss you so much, y/n. I miss you so much, honey"

Every act and touch of Taehyung on you makes Jimin feel hurt and only he can feel the pain but will Jimin be able to handle his pain all this time?

All of this is unfair to Jimin as there are many obstacles for him to return to you again, the barrier is Jungkook and Taehyung.

And if Jimin knew that this all was going to happen in the future, he would not and will never have to let you go even if he had to sacrifice his life. "Why is all this so difficult for me?" He whispered.

Taehyung's eyes on you made Jimin want to rage in front of you to express his pain and jealousy to Taehyung but he knew it would never have happened even in a dream.

*(Next Day) Meeting Room, Y/n POV*

10 minutes have passed, but the CEO of GLX is still not here for this important meeting. Why is the CEO coming so late when he knows this meeting is important? Or did he cancel this meeting without my and Jimin's knowledge?

"Miss Y/n, why CEO from GLX Group still not here and you know I'll have an important meeting later. Don't let me cancel this meeting" CEO Park spoke loudly to me. "I'm sorry CEO Park but he will come"

My assistant walked towards me and started whispering to me. "CEO GLX has arrived and he's on his way to the meeting room with the board of directors" Said my assistant to me and I nodded at her. "Okay, ready the documents now"

"Sure, Miss Y/n"

As soon as CEO GLX was in the meeting room, I was shocked to see him. No way.. It's impossible he's CEO of GLX. My body suddenly froze for a moment. "I'd like to introduce this is CEO from GLX Group. CEO Jeon Jungkook"

Jungkook winking at me but I ignore him. I turned my gaze on CEO Park who was holding back his anger at Jungkook, I could see this all his anger in his eyes. "Nice to meet you all, I'm Jeon Jungkook. CEO from GLX Group"

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