a poem

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I have a poem in my mind
but I'm unsure of what I have mined-
It might be a  poem about love
or the connection that we have,
or will it be about friends
whose bond has no end?
Or maybe a story of a man
who asks for a girl's hand.

I have a poem in my mind-
it's about people, who to me remind
a goodbye that is sad,
a dream that I once had,
a feeling that was long forgotten,
a memory when I was eleven or ten.
Whatever the case maybe,
the words are jumbled in my head you see.

I have a poem in my mind-
but the right words I can't find.
I want to write them down with my pen
but then the idea is gone again.
For this, I've just written them in my heart
knowing for long we will never part
One day I'll have my chance
to let the words flow like a dance.

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