Chapter Twenty One

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This chapter has references to sexual content (i tried to keep it within the bounds of the rating but it is by no means safe for work etc) and foul language/terms that may offend. Please please PLEASE keep this in mind.

Chapter Twenty One

Aurelia's whole world fractured and remade itself in that one night of revelation. She had no idea that one person could make another feel the way that Kailen made her feel. Some part of her knew that no other man could reduce her to this, that it was solely down to Kailen himself and the way she felt for him.

She was now spoiled for life. It would never be like this with anyone else.

For a man who wielded swords as a way of life, Kailen had the gentlest of hands. They held her with infinite care, drew nonsensical patterns on her back with his fingertips until she shivered with delight. His skin was rough with callouses, hardened by years of practise, but they might as well be covered with gloves of the softest doe skin with how wonderful they felt against her own.

She had felt nervous, the energy thrumming just below the surface of her skin. To stand before someone with no barriers, no clothes between you and their watchfulness was an act of courage. She was t her most vulnerable, it's like she put her heart into his very hands. When Kailen's hands helped her dress slip from her shoulders to pool soundlessly at her feet, Aurelia trembled with breathlessness and no small part of anticipation.

Kailen kept his eyes on her face for a moment, his gaze reassuring her, before they trailed down her body slowly, the grey if his eyes darkening with emotion. His gaze was like a physical force, brushing across her skin and she breathed in deeply, a little shocked.

His eyes met hers again and he said, "Beautiful." His voice roughened by want.

She opened her mouth to say something, but words failed her. Thank you seemed a bit redundant at this point. So she smiled at him, her own hands reaching out to Kailen's jacket. Her hands slid beneath the warm supple leather over his chest, travelling up to his wide shoulders and pushing it off. She enjoyed the feel of the body warm fabric, the hard lines of his muscles beneath her palms.

Kailen's own breathing faltered, before it quickened. A surge of satisfaction coursed through her with the knowledge that he was just as affected by this as she was.

Next went his shirt and he let her undress him at the pace that she set. He didn't hurry her. Instead, he seemed quite happy to let her explore to her heart's content and she appreciated that. Especially when all that skin was bared to her fingers and her eyes and she was finally, finally able to trace the incredible tattoos he had.

He laughed lowly, the sound vibrating beneath her hands, as he dipped his head to brush his lips against her forehead in an affectionate gesture. "I knew it."

"Knew what?" she asked absentmindedly, too caught up in her mapping of the dark markings.

"I knew that you liked the look of them. When i showed them to you that first time you couldn't keep your eyes away." He said smugly.

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