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"They found Grimmauld Place." Draco tells us at breakfast and I blanch at my plate.

Theo and Blaise stiffen leaning closer to us while Daphne pushed a piece of parchment our way. It was one of the drafts from the Prophet waiting to be approved by Daphne.

"Fools the both of them! Potter and Granger were grabbed by Yaxley when they tried to apparate away from the Ministry." Theo says testily his eyes scanning the parchment.

I remain quiet reading the paper. "Yaxley splinched?"

"He reported that Potter spliched too." Draco grumbled slamming down on his seat.

"Where are they now?" I ask in a whisper.

Draco looked around and when he was sure no one was listening in he leaned closer. "Marcus says they're at some forest. Hopefully, they'll do well not to mention the Dark Lord's name or Marcus won't have any choice when the Snatchers get them."

"But they're successful? They have it?" Theo asks looking hopeful.

Draco nods in confirmation. "They do but they have no idea how to destroy it."

"We must send them a massage. Only the sword can do it and it's at Gringotts." I whisper back.

Greg laughs shaking his head. "Dumbledore, what a hero." He says sarcastically.

Vince nods sneering. "Sends Potter to do his dirty work and doesn't even tell him how to destroy it."

"We have to be careful. If we risk getting the Dark Lord's attention, it will be the end for us." Blaise interjects his jaw clenched.

I eye Theo and he nods. "Kally, Snape appointed Dean Thomas for a reason. He's our messenger."

"What are the protective charms they should know about at Gringotts?" I ask Draco who takes a long drink from his goblet.

"I'll give you a list. Destroy it after."


I take a seat beside my friends in the common room. It had just finished my meeting with my fellow Head- Dean Thomas.

"That's a wretched look. What did Thomas say?" Daphne asks pushing my messy hair back.

Sending my friends a solemn look, I bury my head in my hands. "Yaxley reported correctly, for once. Potter splinched and is unable to apparate."

Draco groans and started to pace. "They're on foot? Idiots!"


Waking from a horrible nightmare and feeling eyes on me, I grab for my wand and point it in front.

The green lanterns from our room illuminate my godfather making him roll his eyes. He casts a silencing spell around my bed in the girl's dormitory and crosses his arms. "If I was the Dark Lord, you'd already be dead."

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