chapter five

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He leans down and gently places a kiss on my lips for the third time tonight.

We then turn back to listening to the sound of the waves crashing in the ocean.

We were cuddling next to each other on a picnic blanket. Before our date, the both of us made sandwiches, corn chips + guac + salsa and a raspberry sorbet all home made!

The date is basically a two in one because we enjoyed making the food together and enjoy chilling here on the beach while eating it.

"We should do this more often" I say to Jaden as he nods.

"We should"

A wave crashed onto the sand as we hear the sizzles.

We eventually stand up and take our shoes and socks off. We roll up our sweatpants as we link hands and walk through where the water meets the sand. A small wave crashes over our feet as I squeeze his hand from the cold.

He lets go of my hand and wraps his arms around my neck, pulling me into him so that the back of my head was laying against his chest. We stood there in silence, listening to the sound of the water as it crashed onto our feet.

I pull my phone out from the pocket of my hoodie and take selfies with Jaden, to capture this moment because it's definitely something I want to remember.

I record videos and things too, which would 100% make me smile when I look back at them later. We even made a TikTok but I won't post it. Yet.

"You cold baby?" He asks

"Kinda. You?"


I turn around and place my hands on his chest as I go on my toes to kiss him.

"Do you wanna go back? We can chill in my car for a bit" Jaden says as I nod.

We get out of the water and use our picnic blankets to dry off our feet, then put our socks and shoes back on. We pack away the things and take them back to his car, where we sat in the back seat together.

He turns on the heater and turns on the car radio as we relax and listen to music.

"Baby I wish you could spend the rest of the night with me" I say to Jaden with a pout, tracing shapes with my nail on his cheek.

He narrows his eyes and shakes his head.

"What are you saying?"

"It's late. Elmo always goes to sleep early on Saturdays to wake up for his Sunday morning run"

"Are you suggesting that I should sneak in to your house?"

I nod as he smiles.

"I'm down"

timeskip: in mars' room lol

"We did it" he whispers.

"We did but I'm freezing"

I walk over to my wall and adjust the temperature settings as Jaden takes his hoodie off and gets onto bed.

"Jaden, it's freezing!"

"I've got you to warm me up so it doesn't matter"

The both of us get into bed as I go onto my phone and look through the photos and videos I took.

"I love this one" I say, showing him as he smiles.

"Me too"

I edit the black heart over his face and edit the filter on VSCO (vsco girls ruined the app :((( ), then setting the picture as my lock screen.

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