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This book was made possible by a whole bunch of people. Here's some of them:

Michael Wicks - for being the guy that I bounced story ideas off 20 years ago, on the way to the pub.

Michael Miller - for being there every week to read the new chapter and commenting on almost every one. His hyper-detailed insight into TMC's lore challenged me to always go deeper.

Sam Ruddock - for always being enthusiastic about my writing, even while he is busy working professionally with super high profile authors.

National Centre for Writing - for giving me my first paid appearance as an author, which happened about a third of the way into writing this, which was a big watershed moment.

To my family, for giving me the space in which to create.

All the readers - too many of you to mention directly, but I'd never have got to the end without you.

See you in the next book.

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