Death Swap

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"No... I can't die like this..." these were the last words that were uttered from my mouth before my vision was to disappear forever, the blood leaked from my wound seeping and pooling onto the floor. The men rushed around me their guns held up yelling orders; some men would step over me, some would worsen the wound on my chest. Alex yelled my name off in the distance I looked to him he rushed to me in his costume, but before he could reach me the world disappeared.

My vision could only darken before it can brighten again; a small light glowed in the middle of a tunnel and I knew this was truly the end, I could feel my soul leaving my body, exiting through the veil between worlds.

I stood before a window, a spotlight shone in the center reflecting the glass, I was surrounded by a large Nova, was this... was this death? A lonely floating existence in a glass box? I strained to move, strained my eyes to look further into the darkness.

A flash of light caused her to appear; a small girl with bright red hair, a golden gleam to her eyes, and a tattered dress. What shocked me most was the two cat ears rested atop her head, and a fluffy red tail twitched behind her.

"Who are you?" I kneeled, my hand reaching to the glass only to have it push flat on it, she flinched at first but soon brought her own up as well. Her hand was so tiny I could envelop it with my own if only I could phase through the glass separating us.

I opened my mouth to speak with her, ask her where we were, what was her name, but before I could say anything my head spun, vile seemed to rise to my throat I squeezed my eyes closed for a second, easing my body and mind. When I opened my eyes, I looked into the bright blue gaze of myself.

I glanced at my pudgy hands pressed against the glass in front of my own. My body blinked back as confused as I was, a mysterious force pulled at my new body, I gasped as I began to be sucked down. My hand reached out to grab the fingers of my old body; only to see it disappear into the darkness above, and in only a second I disappeared into the black.

It was like a dream, I was a new born again, sitting on the lap of my mother. She rocked back and forth humming a tune I knew so well. I forced my tiny body to stay awake, to gaze my eyes up into her face, memorizing every feature. Her gentle rocking soothed my body as she finished the song, "A dream is a wish come true~"

A flash to a few years later, I stumbled around trying to chase the beautiful creature; Its wings flashed as it flapped gently through the air, there was a pitch glow that seemed to surround it, a deathly skull printed on the span of the wings. As the butterfly landed on a lone tree, I snuck up my hands held in front of me and my knees bent slightly and at what I thought was the perfect moment, I lashed out to it. However, missing as it flapped its beautiful wings.

Once it left my view I noticed a ship on the horizon and saw the familiar symbol as clear as day. With many questions, and implications I stumbled home as quickly as I could.

The house was full, men in white uniforms stood guard outside the door, their guns hesitantly pointed in my direction. I yelled for her, my voice loud and ear piercing, again and again as a large man shoved me to his chest holding me tightly, trying to silence me, I struggled in his grasp but my weak body held no chance of escape.

A man emerged from the dark doorway first, his body large and muscular he wore a white cloak that draped around his shoulders. His hair was a spiked lavender, while his eyes remained hidden behind thick black sunglasses. His right hand was a slick black metal looked to coat it completely; As he walked out clutching what I knew was the most important person to me.

Her black hair was knotted and tangled within his fingers, her body being dragged with him as he stepped out into the daylight. I sniffled my snotty nose and looked at her with tear-filled eyes "M-Mommy...?"

"R-Rei!" she croaked out, I could feel her worry, hear her fear. I looked to the mystery man, his smirk spoke everything to my young mind, he was scary, dominating over everyone I have ever met.

"So this is the Daughter of Red hair Shanks." I couldn't stop calling for her, I couldn't stop him as he lifted her, her beautiful porcelain skin cut and bleeding, a cracked doll. He pointed a gun to the side of her head, tears falling from her treasured eyes. 

"Mommy! Daddy! Daddy! Save us! Daddy!" I had called for him screaming at the top of my lungs, but he would never come, and nothing stopped the trigger from being pulled, or the bullet from piercing the skull of the only person who has ever meant anything to me.

I despise him, I did think my father was a vial, I thought he abandoned me, my mother, our family. I hugged my legs in a cell waiting for judgment, wondering where my life was going to end.

The Experiments were painful, exceedingly so, I was injected, cut up, and infused. I could feel the strength, feel the weakness. They sold me, my new body gaining a high price among the Celestials.

One year, that was all it took for my instincts and abilities to fully adapt to my body. I escaped rather easily, only taking an hour to leave the cell, the castle, and another hour to find and leave off a small dinghy.

My small steps caused me to take a longer time, and once I was safely rocking in the boat I grew again, fatigued and out of breath. I curled into a ball, a smile upon my face, I was free.

I was found by a strange island, it was odd as it seemed a castle sat atop the snails. "A girl! It's a kitty girl!" I looked up to see three boys one red, blue, and green. "Let's see how long the pretty little kitten can live." apparently long enough, as I beat them unconscious. Also long enough for me to be brought before a tall forbidding judge.

I worked with them, but most of all I protected and hung out with Sanji. He was fun-loving and overwhelmingly nice. However, the day he was pronounced dead, I left, terrified to only have three boys and their sister as a company.

Another year has gone by and I found myself screaming and running at the age of five. "Join my crew kitty cat, and I'll protect you and teach you the ways of the world."

That's what he said, that's what he promised, and that was a lie. Once I realized I was soon to be sold to the king of Dawn Island, I ran. My senses keeping strong, however, I felt the strong sting in my back, I didn't bother to stop in pain, I only could continue running, hiding, forcing my body to get away.

I lost them in the mists of a forest, and soon had no choice but to lay against a tree. My thoughts running wild, yet it all was the same. 'This wasn't it... was it? Was I going to die?' I coughed harshly into my hand, looking down at the blood that soaked into my hand that began to shift, 'it's happening again, why now?'

"No... I-I can't die like this."

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