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Thug Love (3)



"I can't go home Mo. My mom is going to kill me." I said as we waited for our bus. I haven't seen my sister all day. So I knew she didn't come back to school. 

"Unique you have to be strong and stand up to your mom and sister. You’re too much of a wonderful person to get treated like a freaking dog!" Monique said pissed. 

"I can't Monique. It's easier said than done. Can't I come over to your house?" I asked.

"I guess. Dashawn and I were going to hang out but you can tag along with us." she said. I mentally groaned. I didn't want to be a third wheel and mess up my girl's alone time with her man.

"Forget it. You two have fun but not too much fun." I said as we both laughed together and got on the bus. As I walked to my apartment door I was shaking in my run down shoes. I wonder how bad she would beat me this time. 

I walked in and slowly went in to my room aka the living room. It was times like this where I dreamed of having my own room. As I sat my bag on the sofa I heard talking coming from the kitchen. Damn I knew I couldn't hide now. 

"UNIQUE BRING YOUR ASS IN HERE!" my mom yelled from the kitchen. I silently prayed in my head the I wouldn't get in to much trouble. I slowly walked in to the kitchen and saw my mom standing up looking mad with a thick belt with multiple metal holes in them. I looked at the table and saw my sister with dry tears on her face. 

"So you wanna explain to me what happened today at school?" my mom asked as she leaned against the kitchen wall.

I decided to keep quiet. Talking my way out of this wasn't a option so there was no reason for words to come out of my mouth. 

"What you can't talk now? Because it seems like you've been doing a lot of talking in school. First you talk about your sister's dad, then you attack her, and then you had her boyfriend break up with her. You hurt my daughter so now it's time for you to hurt." she said as whipped me across the face with the belt. 

I fell to the ground balled up, screaming in agonizing pain. She whipped me all over my body. My arms, legs, shoulder, face. Where ever she could get to she whipped it. I then felt a heavy kick delivered to my stomach. I cried out as I felt two more. 

"MOM! What the fuck are you doing?" I heard Jordan yell as he dragged my mom away from me. 

"So you on this bitches side Jordan. My own son turning against me!" my mom yelled out in rage. 

"Mom I'm not fucking turning against you but I told you about that beating shit. It's not cool so chill the fuck out." Jordan said. The way he talked to my mom was unbelievable. Since he gave her money every month he had somewhat of a say about how she does things in this house.

"Yo Ka'Jai can you take her to my room and clean her up for me?"my brother asked. WTF! Ka'Jai is here and he saw what my mom was doing to me? I can't believe this. I cried as I felt him slowly picked me up. 

"Ka'Jai if you value our relationship you will put her down and leave her like tha trash she is." Lauren said jumping in front of us. 

"Move," Ka'Jai said calmly yet deadly. If I wasn't so hurt I would be running to a corner in fear. She immediately moved out of his way not wanting to get on his bad side. No one wanted to get on Ka'Jai's bad side. 

Ka'Jai carried me to Jordan's room while shutting the door with his foot. He gently placed me on the bed and walked away into Jordan's bathroom. I stared up at the ceiling as I dreamed about many ways to end my life. I wonder if anybody would even show up to my funeral. Only my dad and Monique would. 

I felt a hand brush away a tear that I didn't even know had fallen from my eyes. I turned my head slightly and looked at Ka'Jai who was staring at me with sympathy. Why was he being all nice to me now? 

"You didn't deserve what your mother did to you. She was out of line and so was your sister. Im going to clean your cuts now and they might burn so you can hold on to me if you want." he said as he raised started to raise my shirt up. 

"No, please don't do that." I cried out as I grabbed my shirt away from him and pulled it down. I didn't want him seeing my big ol' belly. I didn't want to horrify him with the stretch marks on my body. 

"Unique I have to clean these cuts. It's okay." he said trying to get a hold of my shirt but I wouldn't let him. 

"Please stop. I'm fine." I said looking away from him as tears rolled down my face. 

"Unique your not fine. Let me clean the cuts on your stomach. Get over your damn insecurities so I can do what I need to do and be out." he said in a hard frustrated voice that made me shiver in fear. I reluctantly let go of my shirt and watched as he pulled it up under my breast. 

I turned my head quickly not wanting to see his face when it turned into a disgusted look because of my stomach. "You might want to hold on to something." he said as a warning before I felt the cloth on a cut. I cried out in pain as I gripped Jordan's bed sheets tightly in my hands. 

 I sighed in relief once he was finished with cleaning up my cups. He pulled my shirt down and draped a cover over my brittle body. I slowly closed my eyes and dreamed. Dreamed about how my life could be different. How I wish I was in another body. How I wished I had a boyfriend to kiss and hold me. 

As I was falling into a deep sleep, I felt warm hot lips on my forehead and then the closing of the door. Damn was that me just dreaming or was that actually real?

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