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So, I was tagged by oop_my_gays_showing

I've never actually done a tag before, so...yeah.


1) Full Name

Umm, I don't think I'm gonna tell you my last name, but the part I will tell you is Ava Juliette, but please, call me Logan.

2) Favorite song

Do I have to choose?! Okay, fine. My favorite song is a tie between True Companion by Marc Cohn, Annabelle's Homework by Alex Benjamin, and Walk on Water by Thirty Seconds To Mars.

3) Who do you have a crush on?

No-one at the moment.

4) What musicals are you into?

A lot.

5) Why did you come to Wattpad?

I originally came here through a Star Wars Rebels book, and I never forget the link! Crazy, right?

6) Name 5 things about yourself.

Oh why?! Fine.

1. I have a very active and impulsive mind. For instance, if someone describes a gory situation, I can see it in detail right in front of me.

2. I live in Florida and it is hot as FUCK.

3. I tell my friends "rawr" all the time.

4. I rarely cuss without putting a censor.

5. I'm not attractive. At. All.

7) Who do you look up to?

Well, for one I look up to Thomas Sanders, cause he's an amazing, talented man! I also look up to my dad, cause we recently lost my mom, and he's been so d*mn strong.

8) Do this in less than a week.

It's been 19 hours, does that count?

9) Tag ten people.












If y'all have been tagged I'm so sorry this is my first one T^T

EDIT: sorry y'all, but I completely forgot number ten!

10) Tell a funny story (nothing inappropriate)

M'kay, so last year around November, my family and I went to the fair that Tallahassee hosts, and we went inside the petting zoo thing. Now, there were a bunch of goats, cattle, and all that jazz. So, as I'm waiting for my family, I'm looking at some cows from Scotland (I think), and these two ladies come up behind me to the Brahman cows. The lady that lead the other one said something along the lines of "and this is my favorite cow, the llama!" and I busted out laughing. I don't really care if y'all don't find that funny, but I personally think it is.

Anyways, good-byes are for losers, see ya laters are for winners! -Logan

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