Chapter Four

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Anna POV:

Not that I would ever admit it, but I found comfort when I slept in Virgil's arms, it made me feel safe and loved.

Which is why I was so confused when instead of waking up to find Virgil with his arms wrapped around me, I realized that I was instead hugging a pillow.

I can't believe that I was so tired that I had actually thought that was Virgil.

I figured he was downstairs so I go downstairs expecting to find Virgil listening to edgy music on the couch, but I didn't.

I search through the house as fast as I could  since I was still pregnant.

I look through all the rooms and around the house four times. I go back in Virgil's room and call his cell.

I hear a ringing next to me and see Virgil's phone on the bedside table. I press the cancel button and put my phone in my pocket. I go to y/n and Thomas's room.

I knock on the door and Y/n opens the door sleepily and looks surprised.

"Anna? What are you doing up so early?" Y/n says confused.

"I can't find Virgil" I say.

"What do you mean you can't find him?" Y/n asks.

"I mean, I can't find him. He's missing. I tried calling him, but he left his phone here, and I've searched everywhere. I can't find him." I say.

"I'll help you look, and we can wake up the other's too" Y/n says.

Y/n walks to wake up Thomas and after she wakes him up, we all go and wake up everyone else.

We search the entire house and I start to get scared.

I start heavily breathing because I'm having a panic attack.

Jenna and Y/n come over and calm me down.

"What if we never find him" I say scared of never getting Virgil back, I love that emo dork. Since he's come into my life it's been.. less angry? I am still anger after all.

But now that he's come into my life I can't live without him. I don't even want to imagine a world without Virgil.

(A/n: hun, me either <3)

Jenna and y/n wrap their arms around my shoulders.

"Don't worry, Anna. It'll be alright" Jenna says.

"Yeah. We'll get him back, Anna. I promise."
Y/n reassured me.

"You can't promise that Y/n" I say. I felt tears begin the form in my eyes, which was weird because I rarely ever cried.

"I can, Anna. We'll find him eventually"

"Yeah, eventually" I say doubtfully.

"Aw don't be like that, Anna. Come on you need some cheering up!" Jenna says somehow still positive.

"Jenna, I-I Don't think that that's r-really necessary" I say as she pulls on my arm.

"I do, come on!" Jenna says leading me towards the kitchen.

Y/n stops us. "Wait, I have an idea" she says.

"What is it?" Jenna and I ask.

"Anxiety! Come here! I need to talk to you!"
Y/n yells.

Thomas followed her lead and called Deceit and Remus.

All three of them appeared a few seconds later.

"You called, Y/n / Thomas?"

"Do any of you know what happened to Virgil?" Y/n asks eyeing them suspiciously.

"And why would we Y/n?" Anxiety asks.

"Don't play that game. Where the hell is Virgil, Anxiety?!" I say and I can feel more and more anger burning up inside of me.

"Why Anna," Anxiety says and starts to rub her fingers through my hair.

I pull back from Anxiety into Jenna's embrace.

"Don't. Touch Me Anxiety." I said angry.

"This is getting no where, Let's just go find Virgil"  Y/n says, the rest of us agreeing with her.

"Tommy, can you lead us to your mindscape?" Y/n asks Thomas and he says he can.

(A/n I'm aquatinted with the personality sides but I still haven't really wrapped my head around the mindscape, so bear with me. Also, if anyone in the comments can explain it so that I can write better, it would be appreciated. ;) )

Anxiety puts a hand in front of them.

"Anxiety, what are you doing?!" Y/n and I ask. Thomas looks like he's wondering the same thing.

My eyes go wide when I see Deceit and Remus bring out rope.

"Oh, I don't think so." Anxiety says.

That's the last thing I remember before the room went dark.

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