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Our shift in the restaurant ended quickly and we were heading back to the dorm.I adjusted my jacket more firmly against my body trying to warm myself up.The cold air stung my cheeks making them rosy.

When did it get this cold?

In just a few hours I had an exam.The one that I didn’t study for, because I was preoccupied thinking about Mark.

Dammit.I need to stop thinking about him.

I made it loud and clear to myself that this all playful teasing thing was just so I could mess with him and make him frustrated, but I was frustrating myself even more.

Whenever he was, my body pressed up against his, I felt some kind of warm fuzzy feeling in the pit of my stomach, spreading through my whole body.I’ve never felt that with anyone, guy or girl.

No feelings involved, it’s just a game.

‘’I’m so nervous for my exam!’’ Youngjae said jumping a little as I groaned in annoyance.

‘’Don’t even remind me of that.At least you studied." I replied grumpily, looking at the ground.There was a long pause before he finally spoke.

‘’You haven’t studied?!’’ He yelled and I covered my ear to save it from further damage.Living with Youngjae cpuld be really harmful for your health.‘’Jackson, you can’t fail.''

‘’So what? I’ll study for next one.’’ I shrugged, continuing to walk in a faster pace, but an arm on my shoulder stopped me and pulled me back.

‘’This is not high school.You can’t just ditch,'' He gave me a pointed look,''This is college, and you need to focus on your work if you want to succeed.'' He said more calmly as his grip on my shoulder relaxed.He took his phone out of his pocket checking the time.

‘’We still have two hours until the exam.If you are willing to try, I could help you prepare something.'' He smiled and I sighed, giving up.

‘’Okay, let’s do it,'' I sighed, defeated,''Fill me with your wisdomnes’’.

‘’That sounded so wrong.’’ He snorted, before laughing his ass off

‘’You pervert.’’ I joined him in his fits of laughter as we continued to walk back to the dorm.


My limbs felt numb from sitting in the same chair and my head hurt from all the information.I took the test and came back to the dorm.I actually managed to answer on half of the question and I just hoped that that’s enough for passing.

If not, I might as well go hide underground, hoping that my mom doesn't find me.

Speaking of her, I should really call back home and see how she's doing.

Taking my laptop off its charger, I logged into my Skype.Scrolling down the contacts I found ‘Mom’ and clicked on the picture that showed me as a baby.I rolled my eyes but smiled anyways.I begged her to replace that picture with something else but she always refused telling me that I’m still her little baby.

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