Marley beaumont🌸 my life

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Hi. I'm Marley Beaumont and this is my life story so far-

My family-
So I was born on 18th July 2001. Making me 17 at the current period. I was born in Brighton, but moved to Bristol when I was 3 years old. I have four brothers- the eldest Robbie, secretly he's always been my favourite. Rye the second eldest, but the most annoying. And I have two younger twin brothers, Sammie and Shaun. Meaning I'm the middle child and the only girl. I absolutely love my family. Although I don't see rye and Robbie that often you see, rye is/has been in a boyband called RoadTrip since 2015, and I haven't really seen him that much. We've both been too busy to text each other but when we do it's not for long. And Robbie helps in the band, he does filming and editing and is like they're assistant. I'm always texting Robbie, like I said he's my favourite brother 🤫
Dad is a real estate agent and my mum works from home. So There both very busy all the time but we always have time for each other

My future/ collage-
At the moment I'm in collage. I'm studying health and social care, Languages A-level, maths A-levels and mixed science A-levels. I want to be a nurse when I'm older, or a paramedic. Anyway I love heal and help people. I've always had a way of helping people and making them feel better, it brings me so much happiness. I don't want to go to university after collage because my aunt is a doctor and a health trainer. So she said she would train be as much as I needed to get where I need to be. At the moment I'm working as an assistant in the hospital pharmacy. This gives me a better experience for medicines
I hope in the future I can be a nurse or a paramedic or even a doctor! But on the other hand, I've always dreamed to have a husband with three children, living in Brighton. To be honest I've got my whole future planned out!

Friends and more-
Yes if your wondering, I do have a boyfriend, his name is Kyle and we've been together for 8 months now. He's so supportive and sweet. Everybody says he's going to break my heart because he's the schools 'play-boy' like what does that even mean!? Anyways, I hope to have my future with him. We've always talked about our dreams and how we will be together forever and we will mash our dreams together to have the perfect life with each other.
But my friends of the other hand. I have three best friends: Amy, she's sweet and smart and has the best advise! She's more of the relaxed, most trustworthy, loyal best friend while my second best friend Kylie is more of the girly girl, the savage girl who makes out with tones of boys, smokes, takes drugs etc. Me and Amy didn't know about her addiction until later in the story. But my third best friend is called Jake, he's so cute and friendly and knows how to cheer you up even when your down. But he has a big secret. Amy likes Jake but I tell her to make the first move but she's to shy.

Me and RoadTrip-
I'm quite close to the boys•
•Rye- obviously he's my brother so there's not much to talk about here
•Robbie- again not much to talk about
•Andy- me and Andy are so close. He's my best friend, I don't know how I would get through my hard and stressful times without him. But we are crazy together. We have the same sense of humour and I laugh at loads of things so you can probably tell how that turns out...
•Jack- whenever I go to the boys' house me and jack always cook together, we call it ourselves 'Jarley'. So it's cooking with Jarley.
•Brooklyn- me and Brooklyn, don't even get me started. I had a crush on Brooklyn as soon as I saw him, but got over it pretty quickly after I met him. He's my second closest friend here I can tell him almost anything. Whenever I stay with them me and brook always have a movie marathon and we go for runs and we always play games. He's the main reason I have so much fun there
•Mikey- I fell in love with Mikey so quickly, he's so lovely and kind and funny but when he left the band my heart broke. I haven't been to the boys' house since he's left, but I do see him so much more now that he's living in Bristol. We see each other at least once a week.
•Sonny- Ive talked to sonny a few times and he seems very sweet though I have yet to meet him but I'm sure we're going to get along just fine...

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