Chapter 1

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My Dream Guy
1.  A guy that can love me at my worst.

2. A guy that will confess to me at the beach.

3. A guy that will cover you when it rains.

4. A guy that will make you feel warm when it's cold.

5. A guy that can defend you.

You read a piece of paper with list for her dream guy.

"Dylan, is this yours?" You asked her.

"Oh! I'm sorry PD, yeah, that's mine." She took it from you and hid it in her notebook.

"Tell the main pd that we're starting in 15mins. I'll wait for you here." You asked Dylan.

Dylan arrived with main pd.

"Come, let's go and prepare these scripts. You hold this first. Okay." You asked Dylan. She got a lot of paper and she dropped her notebook. Because you're both in a rush, Dylan unconciously lost the piece of paper with her list.

Third Person's View

Seungyoun, who's preparing for his live performance with his single is walking the hallway and saw what happened to Dylan and Demi. A piece of paper flew away and stopped on his foot.

He picked it up and about to bring back to the owner but they are just too fast. Seungyoun saw Demi's face and assumed that it was hers.

"What is this anyway?" He asked himself.

"List? Woah, this is so cheesy. Ewww. Girls really love cheesy things." He hold it, hoping that he meets the owner of the list.

Back to Demi's POV

You suddenly bumped to someone while reading the the scripts made by the writers. You dropped the script and you're about to get them when the one who bumped unto tried to pick it up as well. The usual thing you can literally see in romantic movies.

"I'm sorry. I wasn't looking." You looked at him and saw it's Cha Eun Woo of Astro.

He smiled at you and picked up the script. It seems like he wrote something before giving it back to you and left.

You take a look at it and he wrote:

Text me, my number 829X-XXXX

He's definitely handsome. BUT he's not really my type.

(A/N: Yeah! You're that charismatic that you even ignore Cha Eun Woo. #longhair)

"Dylan! Can you print another copy of Mingyu's script? Someone used it as scratch eh." You asked production staff.

"Ok unnie." She said and did what you said.

You went to Astro's dressing room to instruct them.

"Uhmm, be ready. We'll start your rehearsals in five minutes." And you immediately went out. You gazed at Cha Eun Woo. He smiled but you just ignored it.


"Is she the noona you're talking about?" Moonbin asked Eun Woo and he nodded.

"I don't think she's interested with you hyung." He added.

Back to Demi's POV

Being the stage director in Mnet is not easy. But it's everyones's dream. You've been working with Mnet for 3 years now and you've worked with hundreds of idols and counting.

M Countdown starts...

"The first performer is Seungyoun of UNIQ? Hmm, ok." You mumbled.

Seungyoun performed Baby Ride with Hyunsik of BTOB.

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