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 Three years had passed yet the memories were still fresh

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 Three years had passed yet the memories were still fresh. A new era for werewolves had begun yet blood spilt a year ago was still mourned. After the war, Felix was the one who took over the title of alpha at the Ashbryn pack while it was Daniel who took over Sverlia.

Scarlett and Fryer had left the pack and decided to travel around the world with no destination in mind. The two had Aurora beside them, who grew up calling the two her parents. Scarlett never made Aurora who Elestren was so Aurora always said that she had two moms and two dads. 

Right now, the three had returned to the pack celebrating the birth of Felix and Verena's second child. They had gathered at a beach resort, the same place where Elestren and Jaden had made love to each other and conceived Aurora. It was also the place where they had celebrated Aurora's first birthday. After their death, Fryer and Scarlett decided to celebrate all their happiness at this place. This just made them feel the two were beside them.

"Aunt Scar!" Scarlett turned at the source of the voice. Mike was standing on the beach waving at her. She waved back to him. "Come join us!" He yelled.

Scarlett shook her head but the others joined him calling me as well. Verena and Felix were there and so were Daniel and Diana along with Elaric who had his hand wrapped around Alina. The only people missing were the trouble maker twins, Haize and Zolten who were gone busy with pack business. Even Xavier was here sitting beside a petit girl who was his mate.

Scarlett felt Fryer's presence even before he wrapped his hands around her and hugged her from behind. She relaxed back and watched everyone as they played around. His palms carefully rubbed her belly which was swollen. Fryer placed his chin on my shoulder.

"I can tell what you are thinking," He said, "I can feel your emotions thanks to the bond"

 "We have been through so much," She said, "Yet there are still smiles on our faces" 

"That's because we still have hope. Hope that makes us want to live another day" Fryer kissed the side of her head, "Even though you were the one who went through the worst, you kept shining brightly. You gave us all hope and a reason to fight"

"Well, I am the queen after all" She suddenly said in mischievous.

"A queen who doesn't know how to act like a queen" Fryer flicked her nose. He grabbed her hand and started to walk towards the other. 

"That is why I have you by my side," Scarlett laughed, "Why else do you think I am keeping you around?"

"I can think of various reasons," Fryer suddenly stopped and gave her a playful look, "Was it not because I was good at making love to you? I mean we have proof there" He looked at her stomach.

Instantly a sea shell flew out of nowhere and hit Fryer on his head, "Not in front of me" Scarlett looked at Ekaric who stood at a distance and burst out laughing. 

"You and Alina are always doing these kinds of stuff in front of me. Did you ever saw me complaining?" Fryer started to walk again with Scarlett following after him. 

"Well, Alina is not your sister, is she?" Elaric pointed out. 

"But I had always considered her my sister" Fryer complained. 

Kathrin came by side along with Verena and Diana laughing. Felix followed after Verena.

"Shouldn't they be more worried about talking about such stuff in front of Mike and Aurora rather than in front of each other"  Felix whispered to Diana.

They all intently stopped laughing and looked at the horrified that they had forgotten about them but immediately burst out laughing when they saw the two who had closed their ears and eyes and were mumbling random words.

Felix went to Mike and grabbed his hand, "How about the two of us get ice cream?" 

"Me too!" Aurora squealed.

"Alright, princess!" Fryer went to her and picked her up making her laugh, "Let's get some ice cream!"

This was Scarlett's family. A family that had gone through hell just to protect each other. Some lost their lives, some lost themselves to darkness, some lost their parents and some lost their mates. It was a long journey that began even before she was born. But they stood together in the end and laughed together as hope was still not lost.

 As long as they have even a small ray of hope,  they will fight and they will smile. Because they are a family and their family is their hope.

 Because they are a family and their family is their hope

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This is the end, everyone. I really really hope you all liked this book.

There were moments that might have made you confused, there were moments that might have made you feel it was too fast-paced. But I gave it my best shot and did my best. There will be mistakes, no doubt to that but that is because I am just an amateur writer who just wants to share her wild imagination with you guys. 

I thank you all for reading this book until the end. I will forever be thankful for giving this book a chance in the first place. You are my beloved readers and the reason why I wrote this book in the first place. So thank you all from the depth of my heart. I love you all.

⁠—Vibrantly Sassy

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