Sad Rubert and Anne Au

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I love shirbert but I really wanted to make this au. In this Au they're in their earlier twenties.
Anne has a run in with a boy from her past
Anne: Hello, are you okay?
Gilbert turns around
Gilbert: Anne?
Anne: Gilbert what are you doing here? I thought you were dead.
Gilbert: I thought you were dead.
Anne: No, very much alive. I was adopted by a wonderful family.
Gilbert: I'm happy for you.
Anne: Thanks. So, you must be the Gilbert, Ruby was talking about.
Gilbert: Yeah, me and her have been seeing each other for awhile.
Anne hesitantly says...
Anne: I'm happy for you.
Gilbert: Are you seeing anyone?
Anne: Yes.
Gilbert: Whats his name? If you don't mind me asking.
Anne: Charlie Sloane.
Gilbert: Charlie..? Wasn't he in the orphanage with us to?
Anne: Yes, but once we found out we were adopted in the same town we started to hangout more and grew closer.
Diana runs up to them
Diana: Anne!!!
Anne: What is it Diana?
Diana: There's been a fire.
Anne: Where?
Diana: At the Gillis house. Ruby and Charlie are in there as well.
Anne: Why was he in there? Never mind that's not important. Take me there.
Diana: Okay.
Arrives to the Gillis house
Anne: Oh my god!!
Gilbert runs over and helps with putting out the fire.
Anne runs into the house
Diana: What are you doing?
Anne: I have to save them.
Diana: No, we'll get them out once the fires out.
Anne: It might to late when that happens.
Diana: Anne no!! Anne!!
Marilla: Diana what is it?
Diana: Its Anne she ran into the house.
Marilla: What!?
Anne: Ruby!! Charlie!!
Charlie: We're over here.
Ruby: My legs trapped.
Anne: Help me getting this wood plank off her leg.
Anne and Charlie life the wood plank.
Ruby: That feels much better.
Anne: Both of you run out.
Charlie: What about you?
Anne: I have to close the windows and doors.
Charlie: No, I'm not leaving without.
Anne whispers into Charlie's ear
Anne: Ruby doesn't have much time unless she gets out of here in the five minutes or less.
Charlie: Very well.
Charlie kisses Anne
Anne: Go!!
Charlie and Ruby arrive outside
Diana: There's Charlie and Ruby.
Marilla: Where's Anne?
Ruby: Shes closing the windows and doors.
Anne arrives outside and falls to the ground and doesn't wake up
Ruby starts to loose consciousness and like Anne she doesn't wake up
Marilla starts to cry
Gilbert: Wake up. Please wake up Ruby.
Charlie starts to cry over Anne's body
Mrs. Sloane: You need to let her go. Hold onto me
Charlie: I can't
Ruby and Anne joined funerals
Charlie: Diana who is that?
Diana: That was Ruby's boyfriend Gilbert
Charlie: Oh.
Diana: Why?
Charlie: I've just never seen him before.
Diana: Thats odd. He was at the same orphanage as you and Anne. He was also friends with Anne
Charlie: Oh, okay.
Charlie leaves and Diana follows
Diana: Why were you at Ruby's house?
Charlie: getting the ring I was going to propose to Anne with.
Diana: Oh.
Charlie: Yeah, I got permission by Matthew and Marilla
Diana: Thats sweet
Charlie: Yeah, to bad I'm never going get to use it.
Diana: Maybe one day.
Charlie: No, Anne was the one. The only one for me.

The story line of when Anne thought Gilbert was dead was inspired by an Au made by annewanescenes on insta

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