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3.19 Day Twelve: Lizzie

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As I rolled up to Parker's house, she walked outside. A light fluttering sensation made my body weightless. My posture perfected as all the ache in my muscles melted away like a fallen dollop of ice cream hitting the hot summer pavement. We were perfectly in sync. She knew how long it took me to drive to her house from mine. Catching my eye, she grinned proudly at her cute accomplishment.

Her ginger mane was braided around her head into a crown and she wore a black sweatshirt that read "This Witch Didn't Burn" that she paired with black and white grid pants. Meanwhile, I wore my usual wardrobe, but with the addition of cat ears on a headband. She hurried down the porch and hopped into my car.

"You look cute," I told her just to watch her eyes sparkle.

"So do you," she said, leaning over our armrests. I tilted my head. My heart worked like a magnet to hers, pulling out of my chest the closer she loomed. I wanted to make contact. We kissed and like every kiss before, I took a deep breath as if I had never captured a proper breath in my life, like the strings holding me up pulled.

"If we keep kissing in here," Parker muttered, between lip smacks and a mischievous flick of her tongue up my lips. I could tell she wore cherry Chapstick and I don't know why that made my mouth water. "Your car is going to become my favorite place in the world."

"Is that a bad thing?" I asked.

"It's an I'm never going to want to leave it thing."

I hummed, not really caring one way or the other, but I caught the time on my car's dashboard and a little guilt flicked me in the back of the head. Giving Parker a few pecks just to satisfy her hunger, I leaned away. She moved closer again and I laughed, lifting my fingers as a shield. "We have to go. If we're late, Camille is gonna be pissed."

"Fine," Parker sighed, her body deflating. She leaned back in her seat and I put on a playlist:

Lizzie's "Let's Get Spooky" Playlist:

1. Monster Mash by Bobby "Boris" Pickett, The Crypt-Kickers

2. This is Halloween from The Nightmare Before Christmas

3. Time Warp from the Rocky Horror Picture show

4. When you're an Adams from The Adams Family (Original Cast Recording)

5. Etc.

It didn't take long to get to Camille's house, but I honestly could've stayed and jammed out a little longer. I parked on the street because of my never dying fear of being blocked by a car and then, I can never leave a party at exactly the time I want to leave so I can go to bed. You know? That kind of fear. I turned off my car, but when I reached for my door, Parker cursed.


Glancing around, hopefully looking as confused as I felt, I watched all the color leave Parker's face. She was looking at her phone and I supposed it was glaring back. Parker looked at me and cringed, her face getting smaller and smaller the more it scrunched together.

"What?" I asked.

"I gotta warn you and I'm sorry I didn't do it sooner." She raised her hand like all she needed was a bible to be sworn in and then, she'd only say the truth and nothing but the truth, so help her. "Emily is going to be there-"

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