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Exactly a week had passed.

Today was the day, I was going to be introduced to Ace.

I am supposedly going to greet him at a party where all the men and women dress up so hopefully another woman will catch his eye. We dress up so dramatically to show off our money, not to mention you want to be the most attractive person in the room. Anyway my father said it's arranged so even if Ace did find another girl attractive, he couldn't have her.

I had my dress on.

I had done my make up and my mom had finished doing my hair

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I had done my make up and my mom had finished doing my hair.

"You look beautiful my princess" my mom said as she held my hands in hers. "Thank you mamá" I replied with a small smirk before Raul knocked on my door.

Raul escorted me down to the front door as we waited for the limousine.

My father finally came out of his office, minutes before we had to leave. "The limo is on it's way" He rolled his eyes with no sign of emotion in his voice; He couldn't wait to get rid of me. I didn't look at my father, purely because I didn't have to.

"I'm not happy about this!" Raul stated furiously to my father, letting his opinion on the situation be known. "Raul, stop it" My mother hissed at him. "You do not get a say in this, none of you do" My father spat viciously. I could see his breath from the air being so cold. "Take that jacket off immediately, once we get inside, understood?" My father growled at me. I nodded repeatedly.

The limo finally pulled up, my brothers and I  got into the car. My mom helped get my dress into the limo as my father sat impatiently. "Faster" he snarled at my mom. "It was you who wanted this dress" I glared at him angrily, reminding him that I would've been perfectly happy wearing sweatpants and t-shirt to the ball. My father's stare snapped towards me.

I had forgotten my manners for a moment.

I felt like shrinking up into a ball while his cold, intense glare was glued to me. "Do not speak to me like that" He hissed at me, showing his 'dominance'. I didn't dare to stare in his direction; He grabbed my chin roughly and forced me look at him. "Understand?" He growled, inches away from my face. "Yes" I uttered quickly and quietly due to the pain of him squeezing my chin. He released his grip on my face before scoffing at his own thoughts.

My mom stared at my father in shock while Raul took my hand and held it tight. I sat in silence as I tried not seem nervous. "You're bringing her to another man, the least you could do is give her a good memory of you or at least a decent one" My mom folded her arms sternly as she ignored my father. All my brothers stared at me but I couldn't work up the courage to look at them.

My arm interlinked with Raul's as we walked into the ball. I shivered in the massive hall due to the dropping temperature, where people were gathering slowly. It had just started to snow outside for the first time in a few years. "Take that fucking shawl off you immediately!" my father gripped the rim my shawl and ripped it from my freezing body. "But father...." I voiced with concern. "Don't speak unless I tell you to, I'm this close to beating you" He hissed into my ear so that no one else could hear, making shivers run down my spine. He showed me the tiniest gap between his thumb and finger. Why can't I keep my mouth shut?.

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