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"i thought taehyung was dumb." jeongguk huffed, slamming his tray down on the cafeteria bench next to his friends. the teenagers were sat down again; it seemed to be their only meeting place as of commence of the busy school year.

"he certainly acts it." yoongi yawned, eyes fixated on his phone screen. hoseok on the other hand jumped at the mention of his name.

"kim taehyung?! god i love kim taehyung!" he exclaimed, sighing lightly, earning yet another well-deserved smack from a supposedly unfazed yoongi.


"taehyung is dumb, gguk, if he was a girl i'm pretty sure he'd be a blonde bimbo." jimin sang, stabbing his fork into his plate before narrowing his namjoon (who was currently trying to beat him at a staring contest.)

"you're a blonde bimbo, jimin."

jeongguk realized that he needed new friends.

"he's not! he knew how to label a heart!" jeongguk protested in annoyance.

"gguk, everyone knows how to label a heart, and you're saying that like you don't know what you're talking about when you're like- the cleverest kid in our year." namjoon replied, squinting.

the teen frowned. perhaps he was being a little overdramatic.

"he's really annoying."

"we know, you say that every single day."

"like... really annoying."

"we know that too."

"like... really, really, really annoying-"

"why exactly are you so concerned about him gguk?" yoongi interrupted, tapping away on his phone screen. He sounded like he cared but everyone knew that he didn't. yoongi was bothered by pretty much nothing.

unless nothing could walk, talk and went by the name of jung hoseok, his boyfriend apparently.

"n-no reason." jeongguk grumbled, wishing he could get away form the table as fast as possible.

"gguk's hiding something, my detective senses are tingling." seokjin mused, before digging in to his vegetable lasagne.

"yeah no shit, sherlock, gguk, come on, tell us what's up, we want to know." jimin intruded, tugging at his friends sleeve.

jeongguk really wanted to leave now, he didn't think he could deal with his friend's interrogation any longer.

"you're all dumb fuckers. it's obvious that he has a crush on him." yoongi yawned.

everyone at the table (except hoseok who was still staring off into space, daydreaming about kim taehyung.) gasped in shock.

"of course! it makes sense now! awww our little jeonggukie has a crush!" jin exclaimed, shoving another piece of lasagne inside his mouth and sighing.

"i-i don't!" jeongguk cried.

"aw look joonie, he's blushing!" everyone gushed, namjoon included from where he stared jimin down from across the table.

"i'm not!"

"look, he's blushing even harder!"

"am not!"

"he's stuttering now!"

"i'm literally not!"

"aww our little baby is growing up!"

jeongguk stormed off.

his friends were so infuriating! why was it so hard for them to believe that he did not like kim taehyung one single itty bitty bit?! why were they so bothered by this fact aswell? and even if jeongguk did, which he didn't, he wouldn't want them to react like that at all. he'd want to keep things low-key.

besides, there was no chance that he'd even dream about liking him in the first place- taehyung was far too much of a bad influence for him and jeongguk knew this very well. he wasn't dumb. he certainly wouldn't let him

his little legs carried him out of the cafeteria and into the empty school corridors, past the art block and up the stairs to the music rooms on his way to the toilet. he placed the back of his cold hand to his burning cheeks, trying to cool them down along with the frustration that his friends brought him.

they were so annoying and immature sometimes! why was it so difficult to act normally and not treat him like a baby for once?!

jeongguk slowed to a stop, heaving over to take a breath and pausing next to one of the music rooms with a hand braced on the wall next to him.

the door before him stood slightly ajar, not enough to see who was inside but enough that jeongguk could hear everything that was going on inside.

someone was playing the piano.

the small boy stood, captivated by every note that spilled from the piano like honey, wafting out the door into jeongguk's ears.

it was beautiful.

nothing overly difficult or impressive but the composition sounded lovely, practiced to perfection, perfect tuning, perfect dynamics perfect everything. jeongguk listened intently, bambi eyes wide as he brought his ear closer to the door, despite being able to hear perfectly.
he felt his heart soar as the notes blended into one another, some sort of graceful waltz.

it sounded like summer. if summer had a sound, that was; like the blossoming of petals and the trickle of water and the chirp of birds and the mellow whistle of the wind. jeongguk smiled to himself, the music lifting his terrible mood.

then, something unexpected happened.

someone started singing.

the voice made jeongguk's knees suddenly buckle, his heart beat quicken, his palms sweat, his throat dry.

it was like no other voice he had ever heard before; ethereal, deep, calm, melodic, so satisfying and calming to listen to. he didn't think that he'd ever heard a voice so unique and exquisite, he could listen to it for hours on end. and with the piano... it fit so well, like the last missing piece of a puzzle, they went together in perfect harmony, not a note astray.

jeongguk didn't know much about music, but this was utter perfection.

he didn't think that anything would have been better.

but it did.

the piano changed key, the cadence quickened, the voice merged to match it, blending in harmoniously, the transition so fast that jeongguk almost missed it.

the boy sank to the floor, gaze fixated on the posters outside of the room. he wanted to look inside to see who was playing this supposed masterpiece. but he couldn't, he lay frozen to the spot in awe, in a sleepy, hazy trance.

then all of a sudden... it stopped.

he heard the scraping of a chair and heavy footsteps heading in his general direction.

it took a little longer than a few seconds to realize what was happening and by the time he had, it was a little too late.

the footsteps had stopped, a large shadow loomed like a towering giant over the small boy.

jeongguk looked up with his terrified doe eyes into the eyes of the supposedly talented pianist.

and his face immediately fell.



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