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Rage, terror, happiness, regret, and shock

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Rage, terror, happiness, regret, and shock.

The vigilante abandoned them all.

An eternity of meditation in dimension 0 had led to this moment. The voice in his head synced with his own.

Sara was currently in an emergency room. Maybe she was already dead. Maybe doctors were fighting hard to save her. Nevertheless, he had a little present for her.

Cadell's lips quivered and a chuckle escaped his lips.

Health status abnormal. Seizure imminent. Higher dose required.

Cadell's chuckles slowly turned into hysterical cackles that would have made the Joker proud. His body erratically jerked as it caved inwards. A surge of overwhelming energy flooded his tissue cells.

Higher dose declined. Incapacitating agent declined. Fatal shocks declined. Are you sure? All protection mechanisms deactivated.

Cadell suddenly stopped laughing. The white eyes of the new Psycho mask glowed purple.

"Yes, Psycho!" Monster boomed, his arms stretching wide. "Show me! Show me your—"

Cadell's fist entered one purple portal and left from another. CRUNCH, CRASH! Monster's neck snapped. His body flipped out a window and into the skies.

"Is that the real you?" Elijah whispered.

Cadell examined a scorching fist. "Sssssh. I'm busy."

The vigilante's hand shot through another portal and grabbed a leg. Monster's body was yanked back into the room and thrown against a wall with a splat!

Monster slowly rose to his feet, dusting himself off. "Those are some funky powers. Hey, I was hoping we could get along. We can kill others, not each other."

"I'm not killing anyone and neither are you."

"What's wrong with you?" Monster hissed. "Do I need to carve out your organs for you to understand?"

"What?" Cadell scoffed. "Something tells me that's not going to work. You're clearly beyond help, but there's a special place for unfortunate souls like yourself. I'm sorry I couldn't help you, little brother."

Monster shrugged, but Cadell could see the red rage bubbling within him. Delirium knives formed in both hands. "I'm sorry too. If you won't accept your true nature, then your existence is meaningless. I have no choice but to put you out of your misery."

Monster threw a knife. Cadell formed a portal. Monster caught the same knife from behind.

Both brothers smiled.

Monster launched himself out the window, and Cadell instantly followed pursuit. They jumped with their superhuman strength, their arms rotating as they soared in the air. Monster hurled two delirium spears mid-air. The same spears erupted from a portal with one of them slicing Monster's side. The boy howled.

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