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Cadell sunk through a portal and stood opposite his brother

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Cadell sunk through a portal and stood opposite his brother. A violent rain poured down.

The vigilante was exhausted. Blood filled his mouth. The last time he had slept was a mystery, and he could barely lift up his fists in a fighting stance. The voice chanted a phrase Cadell had heard way too many times. It was once a scary remark that had begun his descent to madness.

Kill him, boy.

Cadell charged at his brother. Monster only watched with a pitiful facial expression before allowing himself to be pushed into a portal. A split second later, just before the portal closed, a red chain looped around Cadell's neck, yanking him inside the portal too.

On his knees, Cadell spluttered, choked and swore.

They were now in the middle of a desert. Cadell didn't know which. He had simply thought of sand.

"I don't get it," Monster said. "Do you seriously think stranding me on a dessert is going to stop me?"

Cadell's eyes watered. He didn't know what he was doing anymore. Everything he tried against Monster was ineffective.

He was a fool.

He was a fool to ever entertain the idea of being a hero.

Maybe deep down he wanted to be a superhero that everyone could rely on, but what was the use if he couldn't save anyone? Those dead bodies should have been thankful smiles.

He just wasn't strong enough.

"Those emotions are deep, brother." Monster said. "It hurts for me to see you like this."

The delirium chain vanished. "After all this is finished, I was hoping we could travel around the world together. This world is a beautiful place, don't you think?"

Cadell spat a heap of blood. "Let me fucking guess. World domination? Cliché much?"

Monster looked confused. "No. I just wanted to see the world. Maybe we could go sightseeing with those powers of yours. Of course, we would kill anyone we come across."

Cadell had no words. Murder was just another hobby to him.

"I did some research on you. You're a pretty popular person right now. I bet the media has a ton of information about you. Hell, I bet there's already a Wikipedia page about you!"

Monster's blood-stained suit glowed orange. "I wonder how much personal information they have about you."

Cadell's eyes widened. "No! God, please, no!"

Monster laughed. "But I gotta tip you over the edge. This is embarrassing! This is like seeing a wolf pretending to be a sheep. Look, this will be for your own good."

Monster looked around the desert. "Aw man. I guess I have a long journey ahead of me. See you later!"

"No!" Cadell cried as Monster leapt away from sight.

His face sunk into the sand. Sara's dead body flashed in his mind, and now tears wouldn't stop falling.

Don't be pathetic, boy. The voice hissed. Crying won't solve anything. Stand up, coward.

Cadell pressed two hands against his ears. Shut up. There's no hope. There's nothing I can do now.

So is that it? You're done now? The voice chuckled. Suit yourself. You can die right here. No one will care anyway.

No. I can't die like this. In a perfect world, Mr Voice, the best punishment for filth like me would to be stuck with you for eternity in a void of darkness where time would not exist. It would be the perfect place for the unhinged and the irredeemable.

Well boy, The voice said. You seem to have granted yourself that wish.

Cadell looked up.

A black portal hovered in the air.

Cadell rose from the sand and slowly walked through a portal into a void of darkness.

"Is anyone there!" Cadell bellowed. His voice echoed several times. There was no response.

"Why is my life like this?" Cadell screamed. "What did I do to deserve all this? Why is this world so unfair? Someone, anyone, help me!"

A voice responded, but it wasn't the one Cadell was used to hearing.

Don't give up.

Cadell frantically searched everywhere in the dark abyss.



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10 years earlier...

"Let's p-play again," Cadell said, his tiny hands barely grabbing the console controller.

His father groaned. "But you won!"

"I'm not stupid. Y-you went easy on me! Let's play again and this time, don't hold back."

Cadell's belly rumbled.

 "You seem to be hungry." His father said. "How about we eat instead?"

"No! It can wait! Come on, press the start button. I'm going to b-beat you easily this time."

His father laughed. "How can you say that with a straight face when you've never beaten me in my final form?"

"Well, you've n-never beaten me in mine!" Cadell said, giggling.

"Well, you've n-never beaten me in mine!" Cadell said, giggling

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Cadell sat crosslegged in what he now called Dimension 0.

The vigilante didn't know how he was going to defeat Monster without killing him, but he swore on his late parents that he was never going to give up.

And there was no rush.

He had all the time in the world.

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