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With one spectacular all-mighty jump, Monster catapulted himself high in the air. He spun madly at an angle as a vibrant orange paint spat in every direction.

"Lila! Don't disappoint me now!" Monster roared while aiming a kick at the woman's head.

Crimson leaking down her cheeks, Lila grinned. Cadell would bet his Psycho suit that any normal person would have tried to dive out of the way, or better yet run for their damn lives. 

But this woman was something different. She wasn't going anywhere.

Lila's arms stuck out in the air and caught the kick. Her body pushed back on the immense impact of the blow and an intensive yell shifted into a scream as veins in her neck expanded.


Monster was thrown through a window of the haunted house.

Cadell couldn't believe his eyes. Was she human?

The vigilante generated a portal below Lila's feet but she was already charging at him, leaving a puddle of blood behind. She flipped over two spinning delirium shields, and a swift kick almost connected with Cadell's chin.

Yikes, Cadell thought before dodging two quick punches. Both of their movements were precise and fluid as they responded to each other's attacks. They both ducked, blocked, kicked and punched until the vigilante's eyes widened.

A delirium spear barrelled towards Lila's head from behind. Don't do it, boy. The voice hissed.

Purposely taking a heavy knee to the stomach, Cadell tackled Lila to the ground. They sunk through a portal in the ground and landed on a teacup ride, 100 metres away from their previous location.

ZAPPP! Lila's electrifying gauntlets gripped Cadell's arms, and as he grunted in pain, the voice chuckled before remarking the classic "I told you so, boy."

Lila threw Cadell off the teacup. She pointed her arm at the vigilante who awkwardly landed on two hands. "Thank you for saving me, Psycho," Cadell said in a girly voice. "No problem, Lila," He continued in a low manly voice.

A laser beam erupted from Lila's wrist but Cadell fell through a portal.

Cadell didn't have any business with Lila; isolating her from the fight was his best strategy.

He flew down from the skies towards Monster and flexed his hands into the shape of a claw. Inspired by one of his favourite superheroes, Daredevil, he formed two delirium batons in each hand. Just as Monster's neck snapped upwards, the costumed vigilante swung both weapons.


Monster's head swivelled to one side.

But Cadell dangled in the air.

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