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Sid pushed the guy away making him fall off the dance floor. Sid started to bet him so badly that the guy started to bleed within seconds. Avu tried her best to stop him but she was not able to do that. Sid was going out of control when the police came. They parted them and asked what was the matter. The guy was almost unconscious now.

Sid.  Sir, this guy was misbehaving with my friend.

Police. Turning to avu... Is it true miss

Avu. Yes sir.

Police. Constable take him.

The police arrested the guy.

Sid. Let's go back home

Avu nodded and followed him.

She didn't have the courage to ask him anything. But he started speaking to himself

"What does he think of himself. How dare he behave like that to my avu. It's because of his mother's prayer that the police arrived before I kill him. If they have delayed for one more second I would have kill him. Stupid......"

He was continuing his self speech till home. Avu was shocked to hear that he cared her this much and the fact that he told my avu in between also.

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