Chapter Three

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Maxine POV:

It had been a few weeks of planning but I was finally ready to put my plan into action.

I snuck into Anna and Virgil's room while everyone was asleep and picked up Virgil. It was a challenge because one: they were holding each other and two: Virgil was heavy! Like seriously, what does this guy eat???

(A/N this is to cause no offense to Thomas Sanders, I just threw it in there for the sake of the story)

Anna reaches over in her sleep searching for Virgil. I was scared she would wake up so I gave her a pillow and she cuddled up to it.

She looked so cute sleeping like that.

I leaned over and kissed her forehead.

"Just you wait, my darling. You'll be all mine soon." I whisper to a beautiful sleeping Anna.

I carefully climb out the window with Virgil thrown over my shoulders.

He was very heavy and Deceit and Remus, them being the villains they were refused to help me kidnap him.

I dragged Virgil back to Thomas's mindspace

When I got there I tied Virgil up and put duct tape over his mouth, and surprisingly he didn't wake up. Once I heard that nerd with the tie say that Thomas was a heavy sleeper so it would make sense that Virgil was too. I would know, I've inherited a few traits from y/n, but they all suck.

Remus and Deceit are laying on the couch letting me do all the work.

I huff and say "thanks for the help, guys"

They both give thumbs ups from the couch and I roll my eyes.

"You guys are jerks" I mutter.

Remus looks over at me "that's the point of villains, sis"

I groan and continue tying up Virgil.

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