Chapter 39: Season 4

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"Who am I?" Shane thought while tapping his pencil on the desk in his room. He had recently been told by SirZechs that he wanted to fully present him as the Devil Commander before the rating game between Rias and Sairaorg. He wanted Shane to give a small speech about himself to the people of the Underworld. It was just stating who he is, what he desires, and so on.

"You know, you don't have to do this this early in the morning? It's five thirty, and you need to prepare to go on this trip you're going on soon." A familiar symbiote spoke to him. Venom was in a humanoid form, sitting on the edge of Shane's bed. This was a new trick Venom came up with, but he then pointed to a sleeping Irina. She was tossing and turning, a dream was definitely bothering her at the moment.

"And you don't want to keep her waiting do you? She hasn't slept well since you got up to work on that speech. Besides, this rating game isn't for another few weeks. I say we just wing it, that's what we've always done" Venom shrugged his shoulders. Shane sighed and leaned back in his chair.

"It's just I can't sleep either. You know why" Shane put his hands on the back of his head. He looked to the ceiling, remembering everything that had recently happened. "We became one again, you've seen my thoughts, my nightmares. I, I- just,"

"This doubting yourself isn't going to get you anywhere. We have each other again, and some new abilities. Look, we can't change the past, but we damn sure can change OUR future."

"Yeah I know, man it feels odd having you back with me" Shane replied climbing back in bed. Venom retreated to Shane, something Shane sorta missed. "What happened to the other Irina? After you saved my ass from dying" he continued while getting himself comfortable.

"It's like an old glove. I'm good ole reliable. We were meant to be Shane. Just accept it. As for her, I believe Odin sent her back to her world. So we don't have to see that psychopath again"

"Yeah, yeah. Don't rub it in. Thats relieving to hear that, but I'm going to sleep for the last two hours I have" Shane stated outloud cuddling up to Irina. She calmed down a bit, when Shane got in the bed. Her body relaxed when he put an arm around her waist to pull her close. Her scent made Shane relax a bit as well.

"I love you" Shane whispered while moving his head over to kiss her on the cheek. She smiled when he did this and gave a small smirk when he moved his head. Shane then suggled up to her once more, but Irina started to move her body. She then faced Shane without opening her eyes.

"She isnt asleep" Venom commented to Shane. Irina proceeded to push Shane on his back. Irina gronaed and forced herself on top of Shane.

"Irina?" Shane asked, his heartrate was starting to climb.

"Why is blood heading to-"

'Shut it V!'

Irina straddled Shane, she began to kiss his neck, making her way up the neck to his cheek before meeting her lips with his. She gave him a long passionate kiss before opening her eyes and giving Shane a smile he loves so much.

"I love you too. You have me, remember? These nightmares and visions, they've been bothering you for quite some time." She asked relaxing herself on Shane's torso. Shane sighed,

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