Chapter 26- a friend

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Two weeks later

Jacks POV
I'm still staying in the hospital. They said they might unplug him in life support if he doesn't wake up by Thursday. Today is Wensday. I am praying every single day for Zachary to come back to us. He promised me.
I haven't left the hospital once. I skipped school and I didn't go on the vacation with My family and Zach's. My sister Sydnie brings me food and clothes every day. I also got her to bring my shampoo and other toiletries over here so I could shower and take care of myself a bit.
Zach's voice has come to my head again a couple times. He tells me he will come back and comforts me. I just wish I could see him doing those things.
They pull the plug tomorrow at 1:00 pm if he doesn't wake up: his chance of surviving is a 18% which is low. He keeps promising me though. He said he won't leave me.

Zach's POV
I'm trying. I trying as hard as I can. I just want to live. I know Jacks doubting my survival and so am I. I really want to survive. I wanna see my kids and my wedding day. I wanna see Reese and Ryan all grown up. I want to see my first real career and see if my dreams of being a singer come true.
I know I wanted to kill myself before, but now I don't know why I'd ever want to. I've got much more things to experience in my life and many years to go. I'm only 16. (Yeah I know that he shouldn't be 16 if he's a freshman but just go with it)
My mind keeps racing with all these thoughts and many tears are slipping down my cheeks.
I have only about 20 hours left of this and then I will be unplugged. Aka I die.
I then hear sounds of crying. It's coming from the bathroom. I walk in through the wall and see a person.
"Are you okay?" I ask.
The boy looks at me confused. The kid looked about 13 or 14.
"You can see me?" He asked me as if he was surprised.
"Yeah I can." I say back to him. I'm kinda confused until I realize he's going through the same thing as me.
"Why are you crying?" I ask him in a soft tone trying not to scare him.
"My family can't see me. Nobody can. My body's on a hospital bed all beat up. I can't come back into my body and I can walk through walls. Kinda like a ghost." He explains.
"Same thing with me," I respond. He looks at me grateful that he's not the only one.
"I was almost killed by my father until my boyfriend found me. I've been in this hospital for 2 weeks and 3 days. Tomorrow is when they will take me off the life support" I say with my head down.
"What does that mean?" He asked.
"It means I will die." I say.
"Does that mean I might die?" He asked me worried.
"Look, I don't know. Just keep trying to survive, okay?"
"Okay" he responds.
"So, what happened for you to get in here?" I ask taking a seat next to him on the floor.
"I-I tried t-to ki-kill myself" he says in between sobs.
This poor kid. Only around 13-14 trying to kill himself. Just like me when I was 14 but I didn't do it.
"Hey, buddy, it's okay. Your going to be okay" I say patting his back.
"But what if I die. I regret making the decision that I made. I don't want to die." He exclaims.
"Your not going to die if you keep trying to survive. Just keep trying" I say.
The boy and I keep talking for about an hour until I went to go check in how Jack was doing.

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