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Ahhh, I've finished yet another book (which I'm going to go back and edit, because there is SO much I can add to make it longer, now that I'm rereading it), but that's beside the point! Wow, I can't believe I've finished this. I've thoroughly enjoyed writing this book in and out. And I hoped you all enjoyed reading, as much a I enjoyed writing.

What started out as a mere slice of life idea, became something much more. I didn't plan on getting this far honestly. I didn't even have the journal entries planned beforehand. I just went with the flow, as my mind came up with random touching things to add in. To say it was worth it, would be an understatement. What was your favorite part of this book? Do you have any favorite characters? Tell me all your thoughts! I'd love to hear it.

Originally, I imagined Hope Cohen as Zendaya or Alisha Boe. As for Reece Hilton, i imagined him as Reece King (without the nose piercing). Who do you imagine them as? Or if you don't imagine them as anyone, how do you imagine them? Do you have any favorite scenes? I'm curious to know! Leave comments!

Thank you again, for supporting me, by clicking and giving time into this book! Until then, if you enjoyed this book, I have other books you might like if you'd want to give them a try. If not, that's okay! I appreciate the support either way.

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