Chapter 2

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When Evelyn awoke in the hotel at four-thirty the next morning, she was alone. Brandon had slipped out of the room while she fallen into a deep sleep after he'd worked her out three more times. She moaned when she got out of the bed. Her neck was sore, her legs were sore...her everything was sore. Her insides were on fire, but she couldn't wait to take that ride again. It had been amazing. After Brandon had tenderized her vagina, she'd practically fallen into a coma. Gone was the stresses of her job. For a brief moment she become a woman again. And, it was all because of Brandon Volt.


An hour later, Evelyn Channing was back into character. Freshly showered and in a navy power suit walking to the bank of elevators inside of the luxury building that housed Brackman Capital. Brackman was a multinational investment bank with thirty-six billion in revenue. The firm's reached across multiple countries and had its hands in multiple pies. As the newly minted CFO of Brackman, the woman who'd been getting fucked doggy-style by an escort, was one of the most powerful people in finance.

It was a struggle to walk with some semblance of normalcy as she made her way to her office. She closed the door behind her and booted up her computer. As soon as the spreadsheets popped up on her screen, she tuned out everything else and focused on work.

It had happened by complete accident. Evelyn had been looking into the different assets Brackman held, when she'd come across a suspicious account. An account she couldn't access. It had taken IT two hours to gain access to the files and once she'd discovered what was contained in the files, she'd wished she'd remained ignorant to what they held.

It was like breaking into a house and finding out the house belonged to a serial killer. She had wondered into several hundred insurance policies. But these weren't your typical insurance policies, they were what was known as peasant policies.

Peasant policies were insurance polices employers placed on regular employees. Companies paid the premium on the policies and collected upon the employees death.

These policies were highly unethical and she was sure illegal. Ordinary Joe Smith who went to work every day to support their families. These people were drones with a limited shelf lives. They were cogs in the wheel of wealth building and these policies were just fancy bets that these people would drop dead sooner than later.

Not only was Brackman Capital underwriting these policies, they also held policies on many of their low -level employees. Evelyn sat back in her chair. Since when did Brackman get into the business of peasant policies. More importantly, who gave the green light to move forward with the policies.

Evelyn shuddered. The mere thought of profiting off death was despicable. She studied the numbers closely, and Brackman was making millions from these policies. That wasn't even the worst part, Brackman was packaging these policies, collateralizing them and selling them off.

What the fuck am I going to do? She thought to herself, staring so hard at the numbers on her screen they began to blur.


She jumped at the sound of her name. She looked up to see Brant Stone leaning inside the doorway of her office. Stone was the chairman and CEO of Brackman. Stone had been a company man from the start. He'd spent his entire career at Brackman and had been indoctrinated into the win-at-all-cost culture that permeated the company. Men like Brant Stone were disciples of the aggressive business practices and ruthlessness of Brackman. In fact, Stone could have been the mascot for the company. Good looking, arrogant and entitled, he was the perfect CEO for Brackman Capital.

"Hi Brant." Evelyn smiled, minimizing the spreadsheets on the screen.

"I just wanted to check in to see how everything was coming along. Are the quarterly financials prepared? I have a couple of board members up my ass."

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