Chapter 39; Unwanted Guest

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Olivia POV

       "Hey...O...livia? Right?" The person at the door said. I tried very hard not to roll my eyes. "Yes." I replied with the largest fake smile upon my face. Suddenly, the person hugged me. "I'm so sorry for the way that I treated you. You didn't deserve that and I just wanted to make it up to you. I was hoping maybe I could stay with you and we could use some time to bond?" The person asked. I felt my heart giving in. I was always too nice. I felt a smile of sincerity appear on my face. "You're basically family. I mean, look at me." I replied, pointing to my stomach. "I forgive you. I'm sure Michael wouldn't mind if you stayed here. Come on in, there's waffles." I said as I invited the guest in. "Michael!" She shouted as she walked further into the house. "Latoya? What are you doing here?" He asked. "I just came to stay with you guys. Make up for the way I treated Olivia when you guys came and visited us." She replied. Michael wore a puzzled look. He allowed a smile to slowly appear on his face before his sister forced herself into his arms. "You're just going to stand there?" She rhetorically asked. He hugged her back and then quickly released. "You're staying with us?" Michael asked. "Wow, I feel very welcomed." She replied. "No it's not that it's just.. we already have a guest staying here, so I just need to prepare another bed." He quickly replied. She shook her head and laughed. "I'm only teasing you Mikey!" Latoya said. "Besides, I'll just sleep in your bed." She added. "I'm not putting my pregnant wi- girlfriend in the guest room." He snapped. "Joking, Mikey!" She said. "Wife, huh? I heard theres waffles?" She asked. "Go on and help yourself." Michael said. He walked towards me with a look of disappointment. "Follow me." He said. We both walked upstairs and went into our bedroom. "What's wrong?" I asked. "This is not good. I don't have a very good feeling about this. Did you tell her she could stay?" He asked. "She seemed sincere. What's wrong with second chances?" I said. "Olivia. Why would you do that without first talking to me? Did you forget that we live together? First Triniti now Latoya? You know, we can't just invite everyone over here." He sternly replied. "Michael, she's your sister. I didn't think any kind of permission was needed." I replied. "Olivia, don't do this again please. You need to remember that you don't live alone. You know, talking to me first wouldn't have been a bad idea." He angrily replied. "I don't like your tone Michael." I replied. "Honestly? I don't care right now." He replied. "Wow. So you don't care about how YOU'RE making me feel? Good to know." I said. "That's not what I said. Please don't put words in my mouth." He replied. I sighed. "I just don't have a good feeling about this Olivia." He said. "Well, I don't know what to tell you. I'm giving her another chance. So, just accept it." I said before walking out. I closed the door behind me and went back downstairs. I was so angry with him. How dare he talk to me like that?
       I took time to cool off before going back into the kitchen. "Everything okay?" Latoya asked. "Everything is fine. Like the waffles?" I asked, changing the topic. "They're delicious. You made them?" She asked. "No, your brother did!" I said. "Wow, he never cooked like this for us at home." She teased. We shared a laugh. I pulled out my phone to finally answer Janet. I didn't doubt Michael's feelings, but I didn't want to turn Latoya away. Maybe she actually was trying to change.

"Hey J, so remember you said Latoya and Jermaine were coming? Well Latoya is here. She seemed really sincere. In fact, I decided to forgive her and let her stay with us for a little while. She said she wanted to make it up to me." I sent the text to Janet.

"So, whose this?" Latoya asked, pointing to Triniti. "Hi, I'm Triniti. I'm Olivia's best friend. The last person that did her wrong didn't get very far." Triniti replied. "Oh? Is that supposed to be some kind of threat?" Latoya asked. "No, just a little hint at how loyal I am to her." Triniti replied. Latoya laughed and shook her head. "Petty." She whispered. Triniti chose to ignore her. I awkwardly stood at the other end of the kitchen on my phone. I continued thinking about the way that Michael talked to me. Why was he still upstairs anyway? "I'll be back." I said as I left and made my way back to our room.
       As I was about to open our bedroom door, I heard Michael talking on the phone.
"Why is she here though? I don't understand why she came all this way. There's something deeper going on." He said.
"No,  I'm not just going to let that go. Her and Jermaine both disrespected Olivia. I'm not trusting it." He said.
"Well I guess I don't have much of a choice. She told her she could stay with us so, I guess we'll see. Thanks Mother. I'll call you tonight. I love you. Goodbye." He said. He hung up the phone and opened the door to see me standing there. I looked up into his eyes. "Eavesdropping?" He asked. He shook his head. "I'm not even mad at you Liv. I'm just worried. I shouldn't have took it out on you though." He said. I smiled. "But seriously, please talk to me before inviting anymore house guests. I know we have a lot of room, but that doesn't mean I want everyone over here." He said. "Alright, I'm sorry, love." I said. "I'm sorry too." He said as he pecked my forehead. "You think they'll be okay by themselves for a few minutes while I make it up to you?" He asked, wearing a flirtatious smirk. "Michael!" I said. I shrugged my shoulders and pushed him into the room, closing the door behind me. I immediately began pecking and sucking on his neck. He was biting his lip and moaning softly. "Damn, Liv." He said and he began feeling on my breasts. I pushed him onto the bed and climbed on top of him. "I thought I was supposed to be making it up to YOU." He said as his hands moved around and grabbed my bottom. "Sh." I replied with a seductive smile on my face. I continued pecking his neck before slowly moving down to his chest. Then his waist. I allowed my hands to softly rub against his chest, moving down his body with me. He was hard. I began undoing his pants. Suddenly, the door swung open. Triniti walked in and immediately turned around. "Oh my God, I'm so sorry." She said, trying to contain her obvious laughter. I jumped off of Michael and he sat up quickly, covering his member and fixing his pants. "Triniti!" I shouted. "I know, I'm sorry!" She said, still laughing under her breath. I let a small smile appear on my face, but I was embarrassed. "I'll see you downstairs, I gotta have a conversation with my friend now." I said to Michael as he sat, red and embarrassed, on the bed. I exited the room with Triniti and closed the door.
       We began walking down the hall. I was avoiding eye contact. "So what in the world was that important that you walked into our room?" I began. "More importantly, with us two specifically behind a closed door." I added. "Well, I got bored down there with Latoya. She seems kind of rude." Triniti replied. "You didn't think to knock first. You know I'm a freak." I replied. She bursted out laughing, "yeah, if I didn't before I definitely do now. You nasty as hell." I looked away, my face as red as a tomato. "He does something to me girl. I mean, it's good as hell girl." I honestly answered, now laughing along with her. "You're forgiven, but from now on, knock. I'd liked to have finished what I was trying to do." I added. "Looked to me like y'all didn't even start." She replied. "Hm, I wonder why." I sarcastically replied. We both laughed as we approached the bottom of the stairs. "Sooo, now that you seem to have some free time on your hands, what are we doing today?" Triniti asked. I playfully rolled my eyes, "I want to go swimming!" I answered. "That sounds fun! I'm in!" She replied.
       We walked into the kitchen and Latoya looked at us both. "Hey girls!" She said giddily. I flashed her a friendly smile, "hey!" I replied. Triniti pettily smirked, "hello." She replied. Latoya rolled her eyes and ignored Triniti. I could tell they weren't going to get along. I couldn't be mad at Triniti though, she was only trying to protect me. We all took a seat at the table. Michael walked into the kitchen, refusing to look either me or Triniti in the eyes. Triniti and I looked at each other and laughed. Latoya wore a puzzled look, "what's the joke?" She asked. "No, nothing." Michael embarrasingly spat. "It's okay, baby." I reassured him. He flashed a quick meaningless smile and sat at the table with us. He just needed to forget it ever happened. The amount of embarrassment that he was portraying was oddly adorable. He couldn't even look me in my face, yet I couldn't take my eyes off of him.
       I smiled to myself before feeling a vibration on my leg. I reached in my pocket and pulled out my phone.
"I'm on my way." Janet replied. My smile quickly faded. How was I supposed to tell Michael we have yet another guest coming to stay with us when he was already bothered by me allowing the first two. Maybe it'll make a difference if I tell him now. I stood up and grabbed his hand. "Baby, come here." I said as I lightly pulled him with me to the back door. He stood up and followed me outside. "Listen, I don't want to talk about her walking in on us. I'm already embarrassed, can we just let it go?" He immediately begged. I smiled, "it's not about that, silly. I just wanted to sit outside with you." I said as I pulled him further into the yard. "Well, why would we leave Triniti and Latoya? And if that's the case, we passed the chairs." He replied. "Just come on!" I said. He became silent and followed me to where I was taking him.
       I sat down next to his giving tree and he joined me on the grass. "Sooo, honestly we didn't have to come out this far for me to tell you this but, we're here now." I began. "Tell me what?" He grew concerned. "Well so, I texted Janet back finally and told her that Latoya was here." I began. "And now she is coming here too, right?" He finished my sentence. I smiled, letting him know that he was right. He smiled, and shook his head. "Well, thank you for at least telling me. I don't mind her being here, she's a pleasure to have around." He replied. "So Triniti is a problem?" I teased. "Well, if she keeps walking in on us she will be." "He teased back, "I don't mind her of course, I just don't trust Latoya right now so having Janet around will be helpful." He added. "Triniti isn't too fond of her either" I admitted. "I told her what happened and, you know Trin." I added. He nodded his head. "Okay, come on." I said, standing up and reaching for his hand. He smiled and grabbed it, pulling himself up.
       We began walking hand in hand alongside the pool, making our way back towards the house. I was gazing at the water as the light breeze allowed it to ripple. I began smiling to myself. I pulled Michael close to me, his back facing the pool. I gave him a kiss, "I love you." I said. He smiled, looking into my eyes, "I love you more." He responded. I smiled a little larger before pushing him into the pool. He must've known what was coming though because his grip on my hand didn't loosen, but got tighter, pulling me right in with him. I dropped to the bottom before rising back to the surface. When I came back up, I let out a scream. "I can't believe you did that!" I shouted through laughter. "ME? You pushed me!" He replied, also laughing. Triniti and Latoya came running. "We heard screaming!" Latoya shouted. When they both saw what had happened, they also began laughing. Michael and I flashed eachother a conspiring look and smiled. Triniti and Latoya looked confused. Michael and I both got out of the pool and rushed over to them. They finally caught on and began running from us. "No! I'm not involved!" Triniti yelled. Latoya screamed. All four of us were laughing. They ran for the house and we followed. Latoya got inside and encouraged Triniti to move faster, "come on girl, we can lock them out!" She said with a large smile. Triniti ran faster and made it in the house. They locked the door and began laughing at us. They gave eachother a high five and smiled. I wasn't sure if Triniti had let her guard down, or was just living in the moment, but so long as there was peace, I was happy.
       Michael and I stood outside smiling watching them laugh at us. Janet must've heard our voices in the yard because she walked to the back with a confused face. "What is goi- oh no." She immediately said. We all laughed and Latoya and Triniti finally came back out. "I have an idea!" Michael said. We all looked in his direction. "Water fight!" He said. This was one of Michael's favorite things to do. He never got wet, never got a balloon thrown at him, never got sprayed with a water gun. He was basically a professional. "Oh, no. I'm not participating in this." Latoya immediately shot him down. "I just got here, I'm not prepared." Janet also shot him down. "I don't know." Triniti contemplated. "Well I am all for it!" I immediately agreed. "I get it, you're all scared because I am the best. I'd be intimidated too." Michael instigated. They all flashed him a look that read, 'oh, really?'. "Oh, you're so going down." Janet finally gave in. "I am not going to let you believe that." Latoya also gave in. "I'm in." Triniti said. "Alright, ladies vs. Me." Michael confidently said.  We all smiled and shared a look between eachother.
       Michael and I began filling water balloons while Janet, Triniti and Latoya gathered and prepared all the water guns. Once we filled all the balloons up, we scattered buckets full of them around the yard. The others lined the table with all the water guns. Michael stood next to the table. "Alright, since I am solo, I get first choice on weapons. We each get to choose 2 water guns. If you get hit, you're out. Process of elimination. " Michael instructed. He went for the largest super soaker on the table, and a medium sized one that just fit into his pocket. "My lovely lady gets to go next." He said as he signaled for me to make my choice. Intelligently, I picked the next best, biggest super soaker on the table and a medium sized one as well. "Triniti, you're next." Michael said. Triniti picked out two medium sized water guns being that they were now the largest ones on the table. There was now one medium sized one and 3 smaller ones on the table. "Janet." Michael said. Janet picked the medium sized one, and with no choice, a small one. "Of course, you leave the small ones for me." Latoya teased. She grabbed them and we all regrouped. "Alright, everybody get in your positions, count to 10 and the game will begin." Michael began. Our adrenaline was all rushing as we were all excited. Our goal was to get Michael at least once as he has yet to ever be caught. Since it took us a little while to get set up, his outfit was now dry enough to see if we do get him too. "Ready? Set" Michael procrastinated, "GO!" He said and we all took off running.
       We all chose a spot to hide out in. I began counting to 10 in my head. 1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9... then I heard Michael shout, "TEN!" it was time. I hid behing the giving tree. Not the best spot, but I wasn't planning on hiding the whole time anyways. I peeked around the trunk and saw Latoya sneakily trotting across the yard. I smiled, getting ready to go out into the open. Just as I stepped out, I saw Michael roll out and spray Latoya. "Gotcha!" He shouted. Latoya screamed and turned around, spraying water in every direction, hoping it would hit him. Michael was laughing as he ran off to another spot, still dry. He really gets into these games. Latoya laughed and walked over to the table. Her water guns were completely empty now but it didn't matter since she was out already. I peeked out again looking to my left. Then I looked to my right. Seeing an opportunity, I decided to run out. I crossed the yard and found another spot behind a bush, closer to where Michael ran. I quietly crawled around and saw Michael on the other side. He hadn't heard me so I continued to creep closer. Just as I got prepared to soak him, Triniti popped out and sprayed in his direction. His dodging was on point. He moved just in time for the water to pass him. He did a little spin, and sprayed Triniti, taking her out of the game as well. "No fair! I was so close!" She playfully pouted. I laughed to myself, trying not to be heard. She walked back over to the table and sat with Latoya. Maybe they could use this time to bond.
       Michael ran off and found another spot yet again. I was so close to getting him too. I would've been the first. Well, theres still a chance. I stayed close to the ground, and out of sight as I observed the yard. I didn't see him or Janet in sight. I wonder where Janet was. She must've found a great hiding spot. As I began crawling alongside the bush I heard Janet scream. Did he get her too? "Come back!" Michael yelled. He must've missed. Good, I didn't want to be the only one left just yet. I peeked between the bushed and saw Janet running, Michael wasn't too far behind her. I had an idea. I watched as Janet passed by the bush I was hiding behind. Then I allowed Michael to do the same. Once he passed by, I stood up and also began chasing him. "You're surrounded! Drop your weapon!" I yelled. Michael froze and put his hands up, his water guns still in each hand. Janet turned around and saw me pointing my water gun at him. She finally caught on and did the same. "You're done now, Jackson." I said as I moved closer. "You wouldn't dare, Garcia." He replied. "I could so easily end your streak right here." I teased. "You definitely could, but..." Michael began. He moved fast as he aimed both water guns at Janet and I and began spraying. I moved just in time but Janet didn't move quick enough. "I should've just sprayed him!" She shouted, in regret. She laughed and walked to the table, joining Latoya and Triniti who were watching intently while wearing large smiles. "So, you think you're as good as me, dodging the water like that." Michael teased. "Or better." I teased back. "No way, I'm the best in this game." He tried assuring me. I laughed. "And yet, here we are." I corrected him. He smiled, "you look so beautiful, Liv." He tried distracting me. "Thank you, but it isn't gonna work." I said. He smiled, "what isn't gonna work?" He rhetorically questioned. I shook my head, still smiling. We stood face to face, each pointing our water guns in eachothers direction. "Are you going to shoot or are we going to stand here all day?" I asked. Michael smiled, "where'd the girls go?" He switched topics. "No, no. I'm not turning my back." I said. Michael put his guns down, "no, I'm serious. You're all in cahoots." He replied. I glanced behind him as the girls snuck up, holding arms full of water balloons. I refused to turn my back so Michael held his gun back up to me. "What've you got planned?" He asked. "It doesn't matter." He said as he finally sprayed his gun at me. I successfully dodged the first few sprays and began spraying in his direction too. Unfortunately, he was more successful than me and managed to get me and come out dry. I laid on the ground pretending to be injured, "I'm shot! I'm shot!" I yelled signaling for Michael to hold his fire. He began laughing at me and finally came over to me. "NOW!" I shouted and Michael jumped up as the girls ambushed him with water balloons. Michael yelled and began running but it was too late, the girls had successfully hit him several times. I stood up and joined in. We were all laughing which made it harder to keep up with him but we continued throwing them until we were all out of balloons.
      When the balloons were all gone we all took a seat outside. "That was so much fun." I started conversation. "You know, with being pregnant, you'd think I wouldn't want to do this, but it was very fun." I added. They all laughed. "You're not just pregnant, you're belly is huge. But you're fast. It's impressive." Latoya replied. I smiled. "I still won." Michael gloated. "No, we got you at the end." Janet said. "But, I got you all out before that, so technically, I remain the water fight champion." He corrected her. "Fine, we'll let you keep your title, we still got what we wanted." She answered him. We all laughed. "I'm going to go grab some towels and make some drinks. What does everyone want, iced tea or lemonade?" I asked. "Iced tea!" They all responded. I smiled and stood up, making my way inside. . .

A/N; Long chapterrrr! I couldn't put my phone down, I worked on this one every free period I got today. Im an hour an 50 minutes late on here, but Happy Birthday Michael. I'm gifting my readers with a chapter to wake up to. I hope you all enjoy this one, I had so much fun writing it! Until the next one, have a great day (: -B_R_I_A

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