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Jungkook was furious.

There was no other way to put it. Here he was, standing in front of Yoongi, enduring the sight of his brother practically laughing at him. Why? All because Kim Taehyung couldn't keep his mouth closed.

"I can't believe you actually cried to him," Yoongi breathed out in disbelief, unaware of how embarrassed and angry his brother felt. "What's happened to ignorant Jungkook, huh? I miss him."

Jungkook could barely keep his rage contained. He actually thought for a split second that the servant would respect his privacy and prevent himself from mouthing off to absolutely everyone he'd conversed with about Jungkook's weak state which he'd so foolishly showcased in front of him.

The Prince felt like an absolute fool.

"Listen, Yoongi," the younger forced out between gritted teeth. "Get out and bring him here. Right now. I swear to God."

"Whatever you say, lover boy," the elder laughed, patting Jungkook on the back. "Seriously, though. I never thought Kookie could be so emotional," he continued to tease, before leaving the bedroom, taking one glance back at Jungkook's face, knowing far too well his brother completely loathed the nickname he adopted during their younger years.

As Yoongi departed, Jungkook was finally left alone. His entire face resembled the colour of a tomato whilst he practically radiated humiliation. The thought of Taehyung deciding to go off and blab about how sad he'd been completely slipped his mind, as he'd been so foolish as to listen to the childish feelings circulating his head about the blue-haired boy.

He should've listened to his inner voice which had screamed at him to back away the moment he'd succumbed to his attraction towards Taehyung. He knew it would end up being his greatest downfall, yet he refused to listen. And now what had happened? It came to bite him back; since his entire pride and status had been torn apart. There was no doubt Yoongi would tell Jimin, who'd tell mostly everyone in the palace.

Jungkook didn't want to be known as weak. However, now, he had absolutely no choice all because of the servant's incapability to be able to keep a secret.

A soft knock interrupted his thoughts, causing the Prince's head to whip towards the entrance to his bedroom. "Come in," he forced out, attempting to keep his words level, since the sheer anger pulsating through his body ended up in his voice wavering slightly.

While the door was being pushed open, the familiar image of the servant boy appeared, to which Jungkook only felt more fury, unable to control how enraged he felt. The oblivious look masking Taehyung's facial features only wired him up even more, as he loathed how harmless and innocent the younger appeared.

"You," he breathed out, pointing a finger towards the blue-haired. "You fucking coward. How dare you."

Taehyung stared at the shaking man, whose face was red with fury. He felt his heart nervously skipping a beat at the sight of how mad he looked, since the scenario looked oh-so-familiar as it reminded the boy of how the King looked, moments before he struck Taehyung across the face.

"W-what? What happened, Jungkook?" the boy stuttered softly, taking one step towards the Prince. "Have I done something?"

That was enough for Jungkook to completely lose it; the reality of Taehyung, who was the sole reason why Yoongi had mocked him relentlessly for his vulnerability which ended up in him crying into a mere servant's shoulder, was enough for him to tip over the edge as he strode over towards the boy, unable to cease himself from raising his hand before he brought his palm down against the bronze skin of Taehyung's cheek, slapping the male in the process.

The loud sound echoed around the room as Jungkook shot daggers into the smaller boy. However, Taehyung only let out a muffled cry as he felt himself stumbling back, the sharp pain of the smack shooting up his face since Jungkook managed to reach the exact point the King had bruised up only days later.

He stared at the Prince in shock, through his tear-filled eyes. The image of Jungkook was blurry, due to the water which began cascading down his cheeks, to which he made no attempt at brushing aside, far too fixated on the unbearable pain pulsating on his face, as well as the intense fear filling up his body as he watched the Prince fearfully, his body cowering up.

"Stop.." he whispered, moving back until his back hit the wall. "Please stop," he continued, bracing himself for another slap, although it never came. Instead, Jungkook took one step back, despite the fact he appeared to have not calmed down in the slightest.

The Prince was anything but sane right now, as the sheer embarrassment he'd endured overruled everything else. He'd appeared to have underestimated his arrogance. Jungkook didn't feel any ounce of pity. In fact, all he wanted was for Taehyung to leave. He wanted him to leave before he ended up in doing something more than just re-bruise his delicate skin.

"Get the fuck out. Now," he screamed irately, pointing a finger to the door. "If you think you can pretend you know absolutely nothing about running your mouth off to Jimin about the secrets I confided in you, then I'll be the one to end you myself. Now leave."

The servant couldn't do anything but flee the room, biting down harshly against his bottom lip in order to quieten the raucous sobs leaving his mouth. He couldn't get rid of the fear he felt after witnessing Jungkook looking so angry.

Meanwhile, as the Prince watched Taehyung run from the room after he'd backed away from Jungkook, the younger felt numb. He felt as if the events were only a dream, as the imprinted image of how fearful Taehyung looked was stuck in his head.

It was only now that the reality of the situation had begun to sink in, and Jungkook realised what he'd done.

He'd just hit Taehyung; just like the cowardly King whom he so violently fought against for doing the exact same thing.

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